Saturday, July 19, 2008

Not Finished!!!

Wait Angie, don't get rid of the cake yet!! I haven't announced the winners from my post on Thursday!! I dropped everyone's name into my witch's hat and my 10-year old granddaughter pulled out the following:

Night critter

Shoot me an email ( with your mailing address, and your signed copies of THE WITCH IS DEAD will be on their way!!

Congratulations to all this week's winners, and thanks to ALL OF YOU for joining us for our re-release party!!!

Until Thursday,


azteclady said...

*licking fingers* it was a rather good cake too.

Congrats, winners!

And thank you kindly, wicked ladies :grin:

Brandy said...

This was fun! Loved all the different posts!

nascarandbeans said...

aww.. thanks.. i will pass on a piece of cake to my daughter who turned 10 today...
thanks again for the fun..

Anonymous said...

WOOOO HOOOO!! Thank you and Congrats to the rest of the winners. :D

Now I'm off to eat a muffin because I have no cake, lol. Hugs to everyone.

Dawn said...

Wow! This must really be my week. Thank you so much and congratulations to all the other winners! :0)

Lori T said...

Congrats to all the winners and thanks to all the great authors at Something Wicked for having such a great party!!

Amberkatze said...

Congrats winners!