Friday, July 4, 2008

Red, White and Boo!

Happy 4th of July to our American readers! Today, we're welcoming Nancy Haddock, author of the award winning La Vida Vampire. Her book is so fresh and quirky - I just loved it. And you could win your very own autographed copy. Today. Check it out.

Many thanks to Angie Fox for inviting me to blog, and kudos to you who are taking time out of your holiday to stop by!

Independence Day is a time to celebrate freedom. We have parades, picnics, and BBQs. We go to the lake, go to the beach, go to those rockets-red-glare fireworks displays. We honor our military men and women who have served the country. And, perhaps, if we're of foresight, we honor those who will serve in the future.

I also celebrate something else: The right to read and write what I want.

I love paranormals of any flavor in any genre.

Paranormal dark and edgy.
Paranormal light.
Paranormal with a mix of each.

Witches, wizards, warlocks.
Faeries, dragons, gargoyles.
Vampires, shape-shifters, demons.

Well, okay, depending on the demon, I can love 'em or hate 'em. But that depends on how the writer handles the character, right?
Yep, if it goes bump or boo by day or night, I'm a fan! Superheroes? I'm a fan there, too. I'm such a huge paranormal fan that I want to kick bad guy butt (creature or human!) and live to kick more.

We live in a time and place where we not only have the freedom to read what we love, we have the freedom to write what we love. Any flavor of paranormal (or non), any level of sensuality, any genre. We have the freedom, and we have the power!

So, corny as it may be, I say, "Hurray for the red, white and boo!"

What do you celebrate on the 4th? What freedom do you hold most dear as a reader and/or writer? Leave a comment to let me know, and you'll be entered to win an autographed copy of La Vida Vampire. Have a safe and happy Independence Day!


Ken Hatch said...

As an Aussie, we don't celebrate that holiday, but it does fall in the middle of winter school holidays so we have a house full of kids. The fun that comes from that is amazing (or actually my Weapons of Mass Destruction). We have a great time, although I do prefer to have some mummy time and read a good book (or, heaven forbid, actually write during the daylight hours).

Anonymous said...

We had our holiday last weekend (I'm in Canada), but I too value the freedom to read and write pretty much any flavor of writing, music and movies taht we like. I'm thankful for that! :)

Nancy said...

Hi Ken!

How fun to have you visit from Australia, and I hope you're enjoying that house filled with children!

Do you have a freedom you hold most dear? I'd love to know!

Again, thank you for taking time to stop by and comment! Have a lovely weekend!


Nancy said...

Hellloooo, sidhevicious! Happy belated Canada Day!

A question. If you lived in a more restrictive society, can you name a book or movie or TV program that might not be available to you?

Thanks so much for stopping by to comment, and do have a stellar weekend!


Ann M. said...

I am watching a special on the start of the American Revolutionary War. As much as I know the story... what the History Channel does it bring it to life. Nice knowing I won't have to memorized dates and places.

I value my freedom as an American. I think we are blessed in this country with many freedoms that we take for granted.

I like being able to read what I'd like and not have to worry that the book is censored. I remember when someone wanted to take some books out of our school library because "bad language." I don't think the people wanting to ban the books had ever read them.

Happy 4th to those in the US.

azteclady said...

I value the process of freedom. It is not a static thing, set in stone over two hundred years ago.

Bit by bit, freedom expands and rights are granted to those whose very existence society did its best to deny.

May we continue moving forward.

Katie said...

I value being able to travel when and where I want; to say what I feel without being afraid that I will be jailed and persecuted; to read what I want even if others find that work objectionable.

There is so much I take for granted everyday that I wouldn't be able to do in a lot of other societies. I am value all of them everyday even if I don't think about it.

Happy 4th of July, everyone!

Nancy said...

Hi Ann!

The History Channel does do a marvelous job of making the past real and compelling. Have fun with the series!

You made an excellent point about book banning - that those who object to material often have never read (or viewed) what they rail against.

Thank you for taking the time to stop in, Ann, and have a wonderful weekend!


Nancy said...

Hi azteclady!

You wrote: Bit by bit, freedom expands and rights are granted to those whose very existence society did its best to deny.

BRAVO! Well, said, and you're entirely correct. Freedom is not static - unless, perhaps, we take it for granted.

Have a terrific weekend, and thank you for stopping by!


Nancy said...

Hi Katie!

You're so right. Freedom of speech is the crux of what we read and write, view on TV and see at the movies. Heck, and the music we hear and make ourseves - as sidhevicious said.

And, yes! The freedom to travel. Which reminds me, I need to update my passport!

Have a super weekend, Katie, and thank you for coming by to visit!


Nancy said...

Gentle Blog Readers,

I'll be leaving in a bit to run errands (hoping the bookstore is open!), dine, and go watch fireworks.

I'll WILL be checking back later, to answer any comments, so do please post for a chance to win a copy of La Vida Vampire!

Be safe, and I'll see you later!


Natalie Hatch said...

For Australia Day we spend the day having barbeque lunches at the beach, the kids make huge sand castles while the parents have fun stopping littlies from eating said sand.
Oh by the way that first post by Ken was actually me, I was using his computer and it came up with his name instead of mine, that's why you hear him talk about mummy time... he's not strange (well not really).

Nancy said...

LOL, Natalie! I thought mummy time meant Ken spending time with YOU! Not the least bit strange when you think of it that way. :)

Natalie, educate me, please. When is Australia Day? Your festivies sound like a VERY good time - except maybe keeping the little ones from eating sand.

Have a marvy weekend, and here's to you getting some writing time during daylight hours!


LadyVampire2u said...

On the 4th of July I celebrate being in American and having all the wonderful freedoms I unfortunately take for granted each and every day. I hold dear the ability to be free to say what I want, do what I want, go where I want, dress how I want and to read what I want to. Reading being so important since its an escape to the mind and fuel to the imagination. Both of which mean so much when you do not have it. This year all of thats takes on new meaning for me since my brother just came home from doing his tour of duty out in Iraq with lots of horror stories. I'm definitely celebrating his return this year along with Independance Day. Happy July 4th to one and all.

Nancy said...

Greetings, Lady Vampire!

I love your comments, and a big welcome home to your brother! Please convey my thanks to him for his service, and my best wishes for his future!

Your statement about reading being "escape to the mind and fuel to the imagination" is beautiful. You are soooo right! Thank you for adding to our good energy here today!

Have a fun and safe 4th, and a groovy weekend!


Nancy said...

New plan, Blog Readers,

The errands are done, but the downtown area was impossible to park in tonight, so we'll just catch the slightly illegal fireworks on the beach. I'll be here to answer any further posts!


Donnell said...

Nancy, greetings! I love the red, white and boo! Very clever. There's so much about our freedoms we take for granted, I just reiterate our freedom isn't free, that's why it's so precious and something we should never deprive another of. Thoughtful post. Happy Fourth

Anonymous said...

Hi Nancy,

To answer your question, I'm thinking that most paranormal, urban fantasy, horror, dark fantasy, new age, occult and maybe even some sci-fi related books, tv shows and movies would be banned.

Also, the obvious, porn and snuff films.(Which I have no use for either way)

Pretty much anything that doesn't conform to what that "society's" norms are, or whatever religion they follow, would be considered unacceptable or banned. And am I ever happy that I do not live in a restrictive society like that!!

If you're looking for specific examples: Supernatural, Blood Ties, Ghost Whisperer, Dexter, and Moonlight fall into the TV category. And there are just far too many author's and movies to mention. Probably most of my favorites, lol, seeing as how I LOVE urban fantasy, paranormal and fantasy books and movies. :)

Hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend.

Judi/Sidhe Vicious

Wendy said...

Happy (belated) 4th!

I'm not originally from this country so I appreciate the fact that I'm allowed to live here and have so many opportunities. :)

Nancy said...

Hi Donnell!

Sorry for the waaay delayed response! Our Comcast has been out for about 13 hours. (appropriate paranormal number, huh?)

You made the excellent point that we should value freedom enough not to deprive others of it. One of the reasons I've protested book banning and would do it again and again!

Have a terrific weekend, dear Donnell, and thank you for stopping by the blog!


Nancy said...

Hi Judi/ SV! Thanks for stopping back by!

Like you, I don't have any use for porn or snuff films. SO not my thing. I think you're right on that paranormal and fantasy stuff - dark or light - would bite the dust. (Pun intended.) Which would be funny because, different as it might be, banning "contemporary" paranormal would have to extend to banning "classic" paranormal. The Greek odes, myths, Authurian ledgend materials, Poe, Shakespeare - the list goes on.

Judi/ SV, thank you again for your thoughtful comments! Take good care of you, and enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Nancy said...

Hi Wendy!

You're a citizen of the Earth, and I'm glad to have you living in the US!

Thank you for stopping by to join in the discussion!

Have a fine and fun weekend!


Nancy said...

Saturday is waning, so I want to thank Angie again for inviting me to blog with awesome Wicked Women. It's been fun to play with all of you who commented, and I wish you good luck in the drawing!

I'll continue to check back during the rest of the evening - if Comcast stays up and running. Have a terrific rest of the weekend!


Caffey said...

Hi Nancy! For me with the holiday, its getting my family, just the four of us together, even if its just a few hours. With so many having different schedules, we haven't had dinner together in forever and we make sure that the holidays are spent together even for a short time. With them as young adults I understand with their work and college, and can imagine when they are older with family and we plan to continue to make sure we have these holidays together. Its too then when we talk about what this holiday means to us, even if its simply about different freedoms they have at this age now, voting, to what happened with the past. So its a good time to be together but too to remember and thank for all we got and all so many did for us all.

Amy S. said...

The freedom to read what I want and to travel where I want to. I just got back from watching fireworks. They were so pretyy. Have a great weekend everyone!

Natalie Hatch said...

Australia Day is celebrated on 26th January to commemorate the landing of the first British Fleet in Botany Bay to establish the colony of New South Wales, in 1901 we became a separate nation of Australia, but still part of the British Commonwealth.
We play cricket on the beach with the kids, they have local council funded sausage sizzles in the morning, celebrations throughout the day and then fireworks at night (only sponsored ones, as fireworks for everyday people is actually illegal in most states of Australia).
It's a great time, but still six months away so we're in winter playing out in the garden chasing the chickens today. Wonderful to be a kid and have the energy.

Nancy said...

Hi, Caffey!

I love your holiday tradition of being together and reflecting on the freedoms and priviliges that come with age. What a great legacy for your children!

Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting! Hope the rest of your weekend is terrific!


Nancy said...

Amy, hi!

Thank you for taking the time to stop by! I'm glad you enjoyed the fireworks, and I hope you'll have a super rest of the weekend!

Happy travels, wherever you may go!


Nancy said...

Hi Natalie!

Thanks for stopping back by to educate me about Australia Day. I'm putting January 26th on my reminder calendar so I can wish my Aussie friends a happy holiday next year!

I laughed about chasing chickens with the energetic children. It sounds like you had a joyous time, and I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!


kimmyl said...

I value the freedom to read any kind of romance that I want.
During the 4th of July festival we always have a parade and then go to the park and see everything from beauty pageants to crafts to all kinds of food and then we get together with family and bbq and swim and shoot fireworks. the next day everyone goes to the derby. It's alot of fun.

Nancy said...

Hi Kimmy!

Sounds like you have a very full July 4th celebration! Thank you for taking the time to visit this evening, and I hope you'll enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Lori T said...

We spent the day with family. We had a BBQ and then we all headed to our local events center to watch the fireworks. It is so nice to be able to spend time with the family.

I enjoy being able to read what I want when I want to...and to be able to think and say what I want. We are very fortunate to have so much freedom.

I hope that everyone had a wonderful and safe holiday.

Amberkatze said...

Hi Nancy!

Great to see you over here on Something Wicked!

Being British I don't celebrate the 4th of July and it certainly isn't celebrated here in Austria.

I hope you had a great time though!

CrystalGB said...

As a reader, I value the freedom to read whatever I want without censorship.

Nancy said...

Hi Lori, Amber and Crystal!

Sorry for the looong delay in answering. Comcast has been just full of fun this weekend!

Lori and Crystal, I love hearing ya'll rally round freedom of speech in all its forms - and I'm so glad you had a good and safe weekend!

Amber, holiday or not, I hope you had a good weekend. You are so the bomb! I'm proud to know you! (And if Austria weren't so far away .... :))

Thanks to you all for stopping in and commenting! Have a terrific week!


lrwirum said...

We like to just spend time together and have a picnic type meal that day. :-)