Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Title Madness

As some of you know, I've recently sold a paranormal romance series. My new Ava Gray site has just launched. (Thanks, Frauke!) It looks gorgeous. The details of the sale are here. You should read that because it's going to come into play later in the post.

All done? Great. Now I'm working on a title for the first book. I'm not very good at this, so I need your help. We need something sharp, sexy, and edgy. I have ten titles, but I don't know if they're any good, so I'll include them here.

Know When to Hold 'Em
Crazy Wild
Missing the Mark
Taking Advantage
Double Kiss
Even Money
Lock Artist
Playing the Score
Ring Game

The last five are pool slang, and the meanings fit the plot. You can look up the phrases if you're so inclined. Anyway, here's what we're doing.

In comments, give your opinion of my titles and pick your favorite. If you don't like any on the list, then give an alternate (more than one if you want.) Next Wednesday, I'll pick a random winner and send them a copy of Angie Fox's THE ACCIDENTAL DEMON SLAYER. As a further incentive, if your title (the one you pick / suggest) is chosen by marketing, you'll receive a signed copy of this paranormal romance. (It's not coming out until December 2009, mind you, but you'll get one!) But wait, there's more. If you actually come up with the title we use for the book, I'll also mention you on the Acknowledgments page.

So put on your thinking caps and let's go.


Katie said...


Sorry to say it, but I am not too keen on any of the title you suggested. They just don't seem to have enough grit. But I could be totally wrong. There are reasons whey I am in computers.

There probably aren't any better than yours, but here are a few titles I cam up with:

Play Me
Vegas Two Step
Hard Hand
Double Down
Color Me Up - which is probably a bad title, but sounds a little dirty - :-)


Katie said...

OMG! I can't believe how many typos are in the comment. Sorry about that that.

Ann Aguirre said...

Katie, I like Hard Hand and Double Down. Verra nice!

nascarandbeans said...

Im not to creative on my own, but i do like Playing the Score, or Katies, Double Down or Hard hand..

Pamk said...

I like double down or you do busted, or hit me again. She was playing 21 right lol. or queen's wild

jennybrat said...

I think Playing the Score is the best of the lot.

Here are my suggestions:

Turn The Tables
Double Stakes
High Stakes
Raising The Stakes
Big Bet
All Bets Are Off
The Big Score

Anonymous said...

I like Know when to hold 'Em, but it doesn't exactly flow.

Kimberly B. said...

I also like "Know When to Hold 'Em." I tried to come up with something myself, but my imagination isn't working too well today.

Natalie Hatch said...

Oh Ann, I'm not good at titles... everyone knows I suck at this.
Find a saying you like about pool and just go with it. Your editor will change it anyway *g*.

Wendy said...

Crazy Money.
Wild Kiss
Double the Score (or Double Score)
Wild Game

Ann M. said...

I'm not that great with titles -

Here goes:
Hands Down
Card Shark
Counting to Win

lrwirum said...

I love the premise of the book.

For a title how about:


it covers both the parties in the book.

kimmyl said...

Dark Edge of Desire
Tempt Me
Wicked Enemy
Power Play
Playing to Win


LadyVampire2u said...

I like a lot of the titles already mentioned but here area few suggestions just for the heck of it:
Renegade Ace
Dangerous Dealings
A Cut Above the Deck
Slow Play
Top Pairing
Blind Luck
Dealing in Desire
Against the Odds
Deal Me In
One Last Draw
One Last Push
Relentless Per Suit

Amberkatze said...

There have been some great suggestions so far...but I can't seem to pick one.

What about something simple like 'All bets are on' or 'All bets are off`?

azteclady said...


Doubling the Take
Making the Mark (yes, I know :P)
On the Take
Hedging Her Bets



MaryK said...

Since this will be a series, I like the idea of playing the title off of the "talent" featured in the book.

How about something like -
"Stolen Luck"
"Stealing Revenge"
"Stealing Kyra"

Raonaid said...

From the list you gave, the others just felt discordant save for "Playing the Score". PtS just kept snagging my eyes everytime I rolled over the selection.

I also like two of ladyvampu2u's choices
A Cut Above the Deck
Against the Odds

azteclady said...

*popping back in*

Stolen Bets!

*scampering off*

ArkieRN said...

Here's a few.

Double Expousure
Money Play
Early Surrender
Hot Deck
Late Surrender
Tough Player

All are legimate terms used in 21.

Amy S. said...

I like these Playing the Score and Missing the Mark.

Double or Nothing
Wild Cards
Double Suited
Playing to Win

PopinFresh said...

I like Playing the Score and Lock Artist. Here are my suggestions.

Quick Fingers
Hit and Run
Hard Eight
What happens in Vegas....
Straight Flush

Not too good, sorry.

~ Popin

Cherie J said...

I like Playing the Score best.

The only ones I could think of were:

Holding all the Cards
Vegas Shuffle

Janicu said...

No one liked the suggested titles? Cause I did like "Double Kiss". No? Hmms.

Amy S. said...

Playing For Keeps
Hit Me

Megan said...

I liked Double Kiss, too. I don't play pool and have no idea what it actually means, but I think it makes for a great title. :)

danetteb said...

I like Playing The Score,but Maybe.... Playing to Score instead
Killer Aces
Missed Me
Romance In Spades
The Vegas Drop

Ann Aguirre said...

Congrats to Katie!

I put Play Me on my master list of titles that I sent to Cindy, and she loved it. So you, lady, will receive an arc of Play Me, and a mention in the acknowledgments, as promised. Go Katie!