Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Unexpected pleasures

As those of you who read my author blog know, I'm at the ALA conference this week (the American Library Association). Of course, in between running around meeting library folks and signing a few things here and there, I'm also having a lot of fun. And it only got better the other night.

My aunt, who is Deputy Director for the St. Louis library system, was able to snag us tickets for an ALA event in Disneyland. I haven't been to a Disney park since I was seven years old. Then came the big surprise.

Here's my aunt and I as we were getting ready to leave the hotel room for Disneyland:
Aunt Diane: You're wearing that?
Me (in my kicky skirt and heels): Sure
Aunt Diane (talking slowly, trying to be nice): It's Disneyland.
Me: Well, but it's a networking event (translation: standing next to a fun ride at Disneyland while sipping wine and chatting).
Aunt Diane: This isn't a planned event, Angie. We're going on rides.
Me: Eureka!

I was in shorts and a t-shirt quicker than you can say "Space Mountain."

Because, let's be honest, there's nothing better than a surprise, fun trip. Plus, I hadn't been on any of these rides since I was a kid: Pirates of the Carribean, the Haunted Mansion, Star Tours. It was So. Flipping. Cool.

We rode the new Indiana Jones ride (loved it), wondered why they had a band playing classics like Boogie Wonderland in Tomorrowland (still don't have an answer for that) and snapped pictures inside a twirling tea cup.

And while Disneyland is always going to be amazing, what made it truly perfect is that I wasn't expecting it. So what about you? Have you encountered any unexpected pleasures lately?


Nancy said...

Love the post, Angie, and I pictured you having SUCH fun at Disneyland! I haven't been there since I was a child either!

My most recent unexpected pleasure was last week when I took my new-to-me surfboard out. The waves were almost nonexistant which was fine. I don't need big waves to fall off the board, and I just wanted to get the feel of the board.

I'd drifted close enough to shore to hear a woman on the beach yell, "Dolphins." I looked where she pointed, and there they were. Not more than two or three, not all surfacing at once. But they were some ten yards beyond where I'd been paddling out.

Seeing dolphins (or porpoises, I'm not picky there), always puts me in a state of awed delight. The unexpected pleasure of seeing them in the wild and so relatively close had me tearing with joy.

Hope your entire trip was fabulous, Angie! Have a stellar week!

Nancy Haddock
La Vida Vampire

azteclady said...

Here's mine:

Back in 1999 my grandmother visited me here in Florida. Mind, I had lived six years in Puerto Rico and four in Venezuela, and the only one to visit had been my mother--for the births of the monsters and to see me through one surgery.

You can see that having my grandmother visit was huge. And then *chuckling* she decided to teach me a few things about gardening--the lady had the greenest thumb ever. Give her an effin' leaf off a tree, and she'd get the plant going.

So she grabbed the seed of an avocado, poked it with toothpicks and put it in water in a windowsill.

Following her detailed instructions, I planted the thing.

She passed away in late 2003.

This summer, at least two years before it's supposed to happen, I have avocados in my back yard. And every time I see them, bright green and ripening, I smile--and I know mi abuelita is smiling too.

Natalie Hatch said...

Glad to see you're having fun. I had eight hours full sleep the other night, first time in four years... I was soo happy. But the next night we were back to the same routine. DAMN.
Were the line ups at Disneyland as long as I remember them? See here in Australia if you have to wait more than five minutes to get on a ride you go elsewhere, over there we were waiting up to an hour. I couldn't believe Americans would stand for it (yeah I was naive).

Angie Fox said...

Wow, Azteclady, your story just gave me chills.

And how neat to see dolphins up close, Nancy. I was watching the surfers out at Venice Beach the other day, dipping my feet in the water as they caught the waves.

Congrats on your eight hours of sleep, Natalie! (you poor thing) Was it refreshing or was it a tease?

The lines at Disney weren't long at all - about 15 minutes on average. I don't think I'd have the patience to wait an hour either.

Kimberly Killion said...

Very funny post, Angie. I played the scene in my head of you in your cute lil outfit.
It's too late for me to think about pleasure right now, so I'll leave it at that. :)