Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Winners! And weird life stuff.

You're all winners, of course. Thanks for helping me out. There were some great ideas.

But the one who gets a copy of Angie Fox's THE ACCIDENTAL DEMON SLAYER is...

Arkiern. Woohoo! Just email me your name and address; I'll make it happen.

Thanks for the rest of you who played. There will be more prizes later when I know what the book is called. Wouldn't it be cool if one of you came up with the title marketing likes best?

Anyway, I'm being random today, so here's something totally unrelated. First, this:

more cat pictures

How sad is it that this LOLcat encapsulates my life? Only for me it was a dead bird, not dead squirrel. I made the mistake of telling the cat I was mad at him. Whenever I do, he brings me a dead thing to make me happy. Last night, he brought a dead bird to bed, where I was sleeping peacefully and then woke me to show me what an awesome hunter he is.

You should have heard the screaming. Then I had the worst time falling back to sleep. Bird corpses at 3am tend to traumatize me. What's your weird news of the week?


Angie Fox said...

Yay Arkiern!

And I'm sorry about the bird, Ann. Truly. Excuse me while I go giggle some more...

As far as weird life stuff? I think the squirrels in my yard may be plotting against me. I was outside writing yesterday, spray bottle at the ready. The little buggers are always into my tomato bushes, so I come armed with water.

Well I'm writing a bit of dialogue and squirrel #1 decides to get brave. He leaps off a deck post and onto one of my tomato plants. But either he can't decide what tomato he wants or he's faking me out because he took one look at me and ran.

For reasons I can't explain, I did one of those "eyaaa!" chases across the deck, feeling oddly proud as I did it.

But as I'm distracted by squirrel #1, squirrel #2 snags a tomato.

Can squirrels conduct planned raids? And shouldn't I be smarter than two squirrels? My husband assures me that I am. But all I know is they had a tomato with dinner last night and I didn't.

azteclady said...

Congrats, Arkiern!

Thanks, Ann

ArkieRN said...


Jennifer The Forgetful Faerie Queen said...

Well yesterday I noticed my sweet little chichi was gone a long time. I started to look for her and I found her behind a chair cuddling a dead baby bunny rabbit. I screamed of course. My poor cuddly lap dog didn't seem to know what to do about my keeping her at a distance All day and night. I had the Heebee Jeebees all day. BLECH! Now this morning, coincidence, I think not, a dead bird near our doggy door. She was inspecting it. I don't know if she did the deed or if it was just there.(Shudders) Needless to say I am re-thinking this doggy door thing. I may have to go back to leash walking her. Sorry to hear bout your experience.

azteclady said...


Will it horrify you guys to know that I found a full snake skin--from eyes to tail tip--in one of my flower beds, and picked it up to show my kids?

Yes, I'm weird.