Friday, August 22, 2008

Afraid of the Dark?

Good morning! Today, we'd like to welcome Cynthia Eden to our little corner of the blog-o-sphere. We had a blast with her last time and now she's back with a super-hot anthology called Everlasting Bad Boys - what a great title. Take it away, Cynthia.

Hi, everyone! It's great to be back with the Something Wicked authors. A big thank you to Angie for inviting me today! (Thanks, Angie, you are awesome!)

I love paranormal stories. Love writing them. Love reading them. Growing up, I was never the girl who was afraid of the dark. I was the girl who loved the dark-and the girl always willing to tell and hear some good horror stories. (Come on, surely I'm not the only one who remembers that old story with the line "Where's my golden arm? Where's my…")

When I got the chance to write paranormal suspense tales for Kensington Brava, I was absolutely thrilled. Okay, more than thrilled. Because getting to write stories about supernatural creatures is so much fun for me!

Next week, EVERLASTING BAD BOYS will hit store shelves. EVERLASTING BAD BOYS is a paranormal anthology from Kensington Brava, with the tagline I love: "Talk about staying power…" My contribution to the anthology is the novella, Spellbound.

When I first came up with the idea for Spellbound, I wanted to create a hero who most folks would fear. Someone in the darkness to make you worry. So, I decided to model my hero after the boogeyman. : Luis D'Amil is a soul-hunter. He's a being who tracks and kills paranormals when they cross that thin line between good and evil. To the paranormal beings out there, he is the boogeyman. To my heroine, well, he becomes something else entirely.

Would you like to win an autographed copy of EVERLASTING BAD BOYS? All you have to do is tell me your favorite scary movie or book-the one that makes you afraid when you're alone in the dark. One commenter will be selected to win. Good luck!


MarnieColette said...

Okay - scary movie "CandyMan" ( the original).

As far as books anything Stephen King... he just plain creeps me out.

Cynthia Eden said...

Hi, marniecolette! Oh, I remember that movie (and, yep, I watched all the sequels, too). Loved that actor. And Stephen King is a master at creeping me out, too.

Angie--thanks again!! I always loving blogging at your wicked home. :-)

Margay said...

I don't usually watch horror movies because I don't like getting creeped out. The one that did it for me was The Amityville Horror.

Katie said...

My favorite scary movie isn't all that scary, but i love it any way - The Fog (the original).

Otherwise, I don't watch a lot of scary movies. I am a big wimp.

Thanks for the great interview!!!

Edie said...

Another wimp raising her hand. I saw a couple of the early Stephen King movies that were scary, partly because they were good. I'm going way back, but they were Carrie and The Shining. After that I stopped watching scary movies.

Cheryl M. said...

I think "The Exorcist" is by far the scariest. I can shrug off most horror films and books as nonsense, but as a Roman Catholic I have to say that the devil scares the crap out of me.... of course I live by the ocean so I used to be pretty scared of "Jaws" too!

Cynthia Eden said...

Hi, Margay! Amityville was one of the first horror shows I ever watched, and, hey--wasn't that supposed to be based off real events?

Katie, I've never seen the Fog. (Can you tell I'm hoping to find some scary movies to add to my watch list?)

Edie, I loved The Shining! I thought the movie was great--the book, too. :-)

Hi, Cheryl! I live close to the beach, and after I saw Jaws (and its many sequels), I was so nervous about heading into the water. And then, we started getting real shark attacks...

BethRe said...

Silence of the Lambs I couldn't just sit and watch it I had to get up and walk out of the room but I would sneek back and watch more. I'm not good with scary either

Margay said...

Yes! I think that's what made it so scary for me. Well, that and the fact that New York isn't too far away from Massachusetts and we have several houses in my hometown that looked like that. Creeped me out every time I went by one after that!

Cynthia Eden said...

Bethre, my husband still hasn't watched that whole movie! I think he can't handle Hannibal. :-)

Oh, Margay, I would have been creeped out, too!

SaturnMoonie said...

The scariest book I've ever read would have to be LORD OF THE FLIES.

That book gave me nightmares, I was afraid of little boys for months after I read it. The violence just keeps escalating throughout the whole book. When they hunt and kill the sow, and how they violate her before killing her, they pretty much raped her! I remember crying during that scene.

And then when The Lord of the Flies started talking to Simon...creeeepy. And the worst was when the boys murdered Simon.

I think what makes this such a scary book for me is that when you sit and think about it, it could happen. If you strip away all the rules and get rid of our government, all that makes us a'll notice we're nothing but savages, and we're capable of anything. Survival of the fittest I guess, either way, it's scary.

Natalie Hatch said...

The Thing, it had the best special effects for its time and even today it scares the life out of me. Another one that must be added to classics is White Noise, just something about evil dead dudes coming back through your TV to get to you scares the hell out of me. Oh and then there's the Ring.... the list goes on.

Cathy said...

I'm not much of a horror movie fan, the scariest one I ever watched on purpose was The Exorcist. My kids love watching them, though, so I have a great excuse to hide out in my room with a great book while it's playing.

Brandy said...

I'm a huge wimp, and movies like The Omen and Poltergeist freak me out. There is one movie that I LIKE to watch, but scares me. Rose Red. Freaks. Me Out. Every time. *G* The Relic was pretty good, too. *G*

And books? Anything by Stephen King is scary to me. I read Die For Me by Karen Rose and it scared me, but I loved the book! *G*

Have a great weekend!

Jane said...

"Hellraiser" was the scariest movies I ever saw. It's not my favorite horror movie, but it scared me the most. I kept picturing Pinhead in my mind.

Cynthia Eden said...

Hey, saturnmoonie! That book has disturbed me for years--and for exactly the reason you listed. It *could* happen.

Hi, Natalie! I've heard so many things about White Noise--I think I'll add that to my watch list.

LOL, Cathy--that is a great excuse!!

Brandy, I think you and I have talked about this before. :-) Red Rose was on just the other day, and when I saw it, I thought of you.

Jane--I'm so glad you mentioned that movie! It was one of the first real scary movies I ever saw. I couldn't sleep for weeks after that thing...

Susan said...

I love Rosemary's Baby! I watch it every time it is on. For a book it was Hannibal.

Zoe Winters said...

hehe believe it or not I HATE scary movies (unless Scream counts. I liked that one okay.)

I more like things that aren't REALLY scary, though they may be scary to the characters, like Buffy, and most paranormal romance. (Guess we see a theme here, huh?)

And I LOVE your concept for Spellbound. I can't wait to read it!

Zoe Winters said...

Oh, name is Zoe, and I just discovered the caps lock key.

Shari C said...

My scary movie was 'Fatal Attraction' as I went to see it with a friend and we had no idea what type of movie it was. We went out to dinner earlier and then to the movie thinking we were going to see a romantic movie...ha,ha! Now I check my shows out more carefully before attending.

Dina said...

The Excorsist, I still can't watch it without cringing.

acdaisy95 said...

The movie that is scary to me is Carrie by Stephen King.

Pam P said...

I'm not a big fan of real scary movies, never would watch The Exorcist. Silence of the Lamb - Hannibal Lecter was definitely creepy, but still fascinating to watch the dynamics in that movie.

The one that creeped me out the most was Helter, Skelter about Charles Manson, probably because it's a true story. For about a month after, whenever I heard odd noises or noticed something out of place in the house (things moved by my father when he paced around talking on the phone), I'd be jumpy when home alone at night.

Cynthia Eden said...

Hi, Susan! I've been wanting to read the Hannibal book for so long! Thanks for the reminder. I'll try to pick that up the next time I'm at the bookstare.

Thanks, Zoe!!! Hey, I've got to say, there was one episode of Buffy that did scare me. I think the name was "Hush." What did you think of that one?

LOL, Shari--I can see where you would have been surprised by Fatal Attraction!

Hey, acdaisy! The scene where the blood pours down on Carrie always gets me.

Now, Pam, you just listed a movie (Helter Skelter) that terrified me the first time I saw it. Actually, it still scares me. Mostly because it really happened. I don't like to here about terrifying tales that are true. Give me make-believe any day of the week!

Thanks for all the comments!!!

Caffey said...

Hi Cynthia! I think the most scariest I saw was THE BIRDS. Did you see it? Those birds going after the people and trying to break through the windows to get into the house, oy! I remember one day playing with the remote and I found the movie THE BIRDS on it and thinking of no, don't watch it. Hubby was home and knows I'm scared of that movie and turned it on while I kept my eyes closed. LOL

Hey but its so different than reading paranormal books. I love those, love vamps and demons and so on!

Caffey said...

Oh I thought of a book too! In HS, I read all the time, even in the classroom because no interpreters and I was bored. So I sat reading CARRIE by Stephanie King with the book halfway out of the desk while I read. I got the surprise of my life when I was a great part and the teacher tapped my shoulder and the book too a leap into the air. She then took the book and said my mom had to pick it up. My mom actually laughed and I remember her getting me another copy so I could finish it. (She loved to read)

Phoebe Jordan said...

I absolutely love horror movies even though they give me nightmares. I just can't help but watch them. The scariest movie I have to say I've ever saw was Stephen King's IT, with that horrible clown that made me scared of clowns for years.

I do have favorite scary movies that after a while didn't scare me anymore. I love the Resident Evil trilogy, which freaked me out when I saw them the first time but after I saw them 20 times I loved them.

LadyVampire2u said...

The two movies I think are pretty scary and which haven't been mentioned on here already are Stephen King's "Cujo" and John Carpenters "The Thing".

ArkieRN said...

Any of Stephen King's earlier books.

Angie Fox said...

Hi Cynthia!

Your book just arrived today. Yippee!

The scariest book I've read was Pet Semetary by Stephen King. Maybe because I read it as a teen and couldn't help but think of all the critters we'd buried out in our own backyard...

Zoe Winters said...

Hey Cindy, yeah I know which one you're talking about (I own all the DVDs because I'm insane, whee.) I know a lot of people found Hush scary. I didn't find it particularly scary though. But it was a really good episode.

Of course a lot of people hated "Beer Bad" and I freaking loved it. Cave Buffy cracks me up. Of course I always wondered what would have happened if Cave Buffy and Spike ever got together.

Dawn M. said...

As a teenager in the 80's, I watched a ton of scary movies. None of them bothered me until Children of the Corn. Freaked me out. I still can't watch it. LOL!

Zoe Winters said...

Hey Angie, my husband just bought your book for me today. I'm really looking forward to reading it. The title kicks ass and the cover rocks too! :)

Greta said...

I'm probably too late for the contest. But I wanted to say hi to Cynthia.

The two movies that are the scariest to me and that I will never watch again are Poltergist & 8MM with Nicholas Cage. I love Nicholas Cage but that move scared me I couldn't sleep for days.

Cynthia Eden said...

Hey, Caffey! Oh, yes, I've seen The Birds--I loved that!!
Your mother sounds awesome, by the way. :-)

Phoebe, I'm the same way! I watch them even though they scare me so badly. And I'm also a serious Resident Evil fan--I got addicted with the video games and couldn't wait to see the movies.

Ladvampire, Cujo made me afraid of dogs for the longest time!!

Arkiern, he is the horror master, isn't he?

Hey, Angie!! Thanks again for inviting me over! Wow--Pet Semetary. I'd forgotten about that one. The idea of things coming back "wrong"...yeah, that scared me, too.

Zoe, you are not insane! I own most of the DVDs, too. :-) Those guys from Hush just creeped me out--and the atmosphere of the episode had me hating I was watching it all alone. And Cave Buffy and Spike? LOL.

Hi, Dawn! Ack! Children of the Corn! I watched that when I wasn't supposed to--I snuck in while my dad was watching it one night and couldn't sleep for two days. I've hated corn fields to this day.

Hi, Greta! Nope, I don't think you're too late. Just in time! I know what you mean about 8MM--that was one of those films that disturbed me. I thought about it for days--mostly b/c i was worried it could be a real-life situation. I much prefer the horror that doesn't seem like it could ever take place.

justbecuz said...

My scariest Movies & Books? The ones with "Monsters" in them..."HUMAN Monsters" that is! ANY psychological drama really creeps me out because you KNOW they're out there...!

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