Thursday, August 28, 2008

What's Your Story????

What's one of the reasons I love writing about the paranormal??? I hear things-no, not voices, but stories. It all began after WITCH WAY TO MURDER was released. Suddenly people that I've known for years, people that I never would've expected to have any belief in the unexplained, were sharing their experiences with me. It's been amazing to me how many people have had a brush with the paranormal! (One of the best stories I heard? A gas station here is haunted by a little girl. The station was built on the site of an old farmstead, so some people think the little girl is somehow tied to that location.)

So...question of the week...does anyone out there want to tell of their experiences with the magickal, the mystical, or the just plain weird??? I'd love to hear about them!!



Natalie Hatch said...

The YA I'm currently writing started off as a boy debunking vampires/alien accountants/werwolves until I started looking for locations, then I came across a wonderful little seaside town called Mallacoota in Victoria (Australia) I started searching through and it had the most amazing history behind it. So my story turned into a teenage girl struggling with identity and finding out she's the child of a selkie father/human mother, oh and she has to stop alien accountants from liquidating the factory workers... yeah had to keep the alien accountants they were too good of antagonists not to. Now the story is just pouring out of me, 33500 words in six days... got to be happy with that.

SaturnMoonie said...

A couple of years ago my mother and I were on our way home (at the time we lived in this really isolated part of CT, bunch of woods, dirt roads, etc.) it was around midnight or so, and the road we were driving on had no lights whatsoever, out of nowhere this lady jogs out of the woods (on the passanger side where I was sitting) So my mom quickly stops the car before we hit her, and she glances at us for a second (I saw her, and she was white, w/ blonde hair, wearing a tracksuit that had a white line across her chest and down her leg, and the lines glowed an eery white)and then she keeps jogging towards a side street that we were about to drive by. So we're in shock, but my mom starts driving again, and we pass the side street the lady to went into 3 seconds before we did, and when we looked, there was no one around.

No woods for her to hide, it was a street with open fields on both sides and the the houses were too far away for someone to reach in a second. But I swear, there was nobody in sight. Both my mom and I were quite freaked out.

Shirley Damsgaard said...

Whoa, Saturnmoonie, that experience would've totally freaked me out, too!! Were there any rumors in the area about a mysterious woman jogger?? Not that I'm an expert, but it maybe you experienced a "residual haunting." A residual haunting is where the event is played out over and over again, like a movie scene locked on playback. A terrific website that explains a lot of this stuff is

My own experiences with the spirit world?? Well, I've never seen a ghost, or a residual haunting, which is just okay with me!! As I've said before, I'm a real chicken!! I have had dreams (at least I thought they were dreams!). Not to be maudlin, but they involved family members who'd passed away and they occurred shortly after their deaths. In these "dreams," my loved ones were telling me good-bye. Is that what really happened, or was my subconscious just trying to find a way to let go and deal with my loss? I don't know...but either way the occurrences brought me a certain amount of peace and helped me through the grief process. And for that I'm thankful.

Wow, Natalie-sounds like you've quite a story going there!! And I envy you!! Right now, I'm working on the next Ophelia and Abby, and I sure could use that many words pouring out of me!! Best of luck and I hope your muse continues to speak to you!

That's it for now-I'll be checking back later! And the rest of you--don't be shy--we'd love to hear your stories, too!


zita-h said...

We had a ghost in the house I grew up in. Every so often, kitchen utensils would vanish from the kitchen and would inevitably be found in an upstairs bedroom. Don't ask me why, I have no idea. Nothing else ever happened. It was just plain weird!

Halifax, NS

Angie Fox said...

Okay, Natalie, I love the alien accountants. It explains a lot.

And, Saturnmoonie, your experience makes me wonder how anyone (ala my husband) can be convinced ghosts don't exist. I mean, you had another witness. There was no other explanation. Yow. Gives me chills.

Zita - I have to ask you. LIVING with a ghost - what was it like? You had to be just a bit freaked out to find kitchen utensils in the bedroom. Was it an old house? Did you ever get to talk to the previous owners?

SaturnMoonie said...

There was no rumors about a jogger ghost, I even researched it online.I did find a haunting about a woman that appeared in the middle of the road, and people would accidentally run her over but wouldn't see a body or any damage to their car. I thought that maybe it could have been her, and my mom just stopped quicker than most people. But I guess we'll never know.

Actually this wasn't my first encounter w/ a ghost, I've had many weird moments in my life. I've never thought much about them becuase it's not something that happens on a daily basis. I'm a little bit psychic (no seriously I am lol) I have dreams that come true, but it's all pretty mundane stuff, like I'll dream I went to the grocery store and bought fruit, and then a couple of days later I'll be at the grocery store buying fruit in the same outfit I wore in the dream, and I'll see the same people, and then I get that deja-vu feeling. LOL like I said, pretty mundane.

nascarandbeans said...

Shirley i have had similar experiences with so called dreams, i will never be convinced they were dreams, but they happened while i was asleep. It was more like i left my body behind and went with deceased friends and relatives, and said goodbye.. it gave me an overwhelming sense of calmness and helped me through my grief conciderably..
I also as a young adult and into my 20s that i would have dreams at night, and would take up and tell someone and it would have happened as i was dreaming it.. i dreamed of car accidents,death, lots of things only to find out they were happening as i was dreaming them..
spooky: yes.. but i had several occasions that it helped police investigators be on the lookout for certain activities.. they came to trust my intuition to watch for certain things or people...
i knew the moment my grandfather passed was about 5 30 in the morning.. i had a dream i was with him, and he fell.. and just as he hit the bottom, i woke up... i just knew he was gone. and within minutes the phone rang..
also dreamed lottery numbers.. gave them to my hubby.. but he forgot to get a ticket that day.. needless to say 130 million flew out the window... he learned to listen to me some people think i make this stuff up.. but my family and my parents will always bow to my intuitions...they know..

justbecuz said...

I also have had the experience of "knowing" when I've lost a loved one. It was around 4:00a.m., on my birthday, no less. For no particular reason, I found myself suddenly wide awake and sitting upright in bed. I hadn't heard something go "bump-in-the-night" nor did I have any memory of having been dreaming, but, I did feel a sense of having been touched lightly on my right cheek, such as from a delicate kiss. Before I could settle down to go back to sleep, the telephone rang. My husband's grandmother had just passed away. This was 18 years ago and to this day I still believe "Grammie" stopped by to give me a goodbye kiss on her way to heaven...

justbecuz said...
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