Tuesday, September 23, 2008

How organized are you?

All things considered, I think I'm a fairly organized person. I always hit my deadlines, I know where to find my keys and I can usually find a matching pair of shoes for the kids. But something happened last night that made me question my abilities - I went to post Joanna Campbell Slan's guest blog for today...and couldn't find it. She'd emailed it a month in advance. How's that for planning? But is it in my inbox? Eek. Perhaps Pirate ate it.

My lack of ability to locate a single email had me questioning my organizational skills. That's when I started comparing myself. Joanna's protagonist is a scrapbook expert and creates all of these great photo pages for a living. Our last two years of family photos are still in the Snapfish envelopes. Hmmm...

Good thing I have the solution: a quiz. Because online quizzes really do offer the answers to life's questions, right? I went online and found an Are You Organized? quiz. The scary thing is that I scored pretty well.

So how organized are you?
Give yourself 10 points for every "yes" answer.

1) Do you know how long it takes you to get up and out the door in the morning?
2) Do you arrive early or on time for appointments?
3) Do you return calls and emails the same day?
4) Have your bills and credit cards been paid on time for the last six months?
5) Do you know how much money you have in your purse and banking accounts?
6) Do you know how much gas you have in your tank? Is your car clutter-free?
7) Are clean clothes put away and dirty clothes in the hamper?
8) Do you know what's for dinner and how long it will take to make it?
9) Would people say you're organized?
10) Do you feel organized?

90 points or higher: you have excellent organizational skills
70-89 points: You are a generally well-organized person
50-69 points: You're struggling with organization
10-49 points: You're making things a bit hard on yourself sometimes


Joanna Campbell Slan said...


I think anyone who manages to write a NY Times Bestseller while running a marketing business, raising two small active kids, being a wife and a friend, and appearing ANYWHERE fully dressed is organized.

I am positive that the ONLY reason poor Britney Spears showed up sans undies was mother-lode-overlode. We're all trying to do too much.

Besides...my computer totally eats things. And now I'm dashing this off on my hubby's computer which keeps wanting to deal me into a table of poker...so it might not have been an organization snafu so much as a random cosmic, computer-istic, event.

Hugs to you--


Stargazer said...

I totally Suck! I only had like 40 points...(hanging my head in shame)
I need to work on things. smiles* There is always Tommarow!

Elisabeth Naughton said...

oh, bugger. I know just from glancing through that list I flunk that quiz.

My son missed the swimming portion of a birthday party on Sunday because I thought it starte at 1:30pm, not 10:30am (it actually ENDED at 1:30, somehow I realized my error around noon). I once missed a good friend's baby shower because I simply "spaced it off". My hubby got me a PDA hoping it would keep me organized. I forget to even look at it.

I AM very organized about my writing stuff - deadlines, returning emails and phone calls and anything career related - but real life stuff? Um...yeah...not going there anymore than I already have...