Monday, September 15, 2008

MIA: Tate Hallaway

Can someone please explain the science (or magic) behind the fact that errands always seem to expand to fill the amount of time you have? I swear, time at home is like a reverse Tardis, swallowing every moment I'd set aside for writing. I'd really hoped to be back at home WAY before this, but somehow I managed to get lost on the way to Home Depot (which I've been to a thousand times) to pick up a toliet for a downstairs bathroom remodeling project, and am only now sitting down to get started on my writing day?


Anyway, how are you?

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Natalie Hatch said...

Try having a car full of kids that want to go to the toilet in a ten hour road trip... then you know pain. I find that distractions only happen when I am on a roll. If I'm just fleshing things out no one wants me. But the minute I get going... every man and his dog needs my attention urgently.