Thursday, September 4, 2008

Tick Tock

I'm late! It is still Thursday, but I do try and post earlier than this. So what's up?? Lots and lots of stuff!!

My main problem is that I feel the clock ticking. Not my biological clock...that sucker shut down a long time ago! No, I feel a nip in the air which means Fall is here, Fall means November, and November means the deadline for Book 7 in the Ophelia and Abby series!! Ay-yi-yi!!! The pressure's on and right now I'm feeling a little stressed. I've always joked around that writing has taught me a new way of spelling anxiety...d-e-a-d-l-i-n-e! And one would think I'd be accustomed to dealing with them by now, but I'm not!

Not that I'm complaining-I'm lucky to have deadlines-but trying to balance everything(being the grasshopper that I am)is tough. So if I seem a little whiney over the next few weeks, I hope you'll forgive me! I promise once Book 7 is winging its way to New York, I'll straighten up!

Got to run for now-I need to research fairies. (It's an idea that popped into my head yesterday. It may or may not work out. Say, anyone out there got any tips about them???) I hope everyone has a terrific weekend, and please think kindly of me...chained to my desk typing away!!



Anonymous said...

Strange Terrain by Barbara Rieti is a great study on Newfoundland Fairy Traditions. As I learned as a kid, the little people were those who wouldn't choose a side during the war for heaven. As a result they weren't good enough to stay in heaven, but not bad enough to go to hell, so they got stuck in the middle. The good people will kidnap babies and leave changelings in their place they will also whisk you away to Faerie and once there you must not eat anything or you will never get to leave. There is a risk of being Fairy Shot with a piece of grass or a twig. If this happens a tumor usually starts to grow and if cut open it can be filled with any manner of unnatural objects such as hair, teeth feathers and straw. In order to avoid the fairies while berry picking or walking through the woods one should turn their pockets and clothing inside out (this confuses them) and carry bread and/or honey (they will take the bread and leave you behind).

Stargazer said...

I have always heard they can be human size or shrink down to about 2 inches talls.
They speak thier own tounge.
They like to metal in human affairs.
They like shiney things.
Hope this helps, good luck on the deadline.

Anonymous said...

Here's a link to a small faerie encyclopedia I found. It's lists a few to give you some ideas. :)
Here's the homepage with even more info!

Hope that helps.