Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Time Off

I always enjoy the break between projects. I like being able to read as much as I want with no higher calling, but I'm not so great at taking time off. I always seem to find myself working on something. For example, even though I'm not working on a contracted project, I'm working on a sekrit book that nobody knows anything about.

But it's actually a great refresher. It's nice to write something for love because it reminds me why this is the greatest job in the world (not that I forget too often). I'm incredibly lucky to do something I love every single day. I'm lucky somebody will pay me to write. I'm lucky to have the support of my family, who are very proud of what I've accomplished.

No, I'm not telling you about the sekrit project so don't even ask. If / when I have news about a sale, you'll be the first to know. Until then, you can daydream about what I might be writing.

This is hard for me to confess, but I'm nervous. Why? Well, Wanderlust just released. I did everything I could to make sure it does well, but is it enough? Hard to say. There are so many factors that are outside our control as authors. It's enough to drive you crazy.

Sometimes I think I'm too hard on myself. After all, I've achieved my dream and I'm making steady progress. I wish I could relax and quit worrying, but I don't seem to be wired that way. What do you guys do to unwind?


azteclady said...

Read, cross stitch, knit, garden... and pester people.

What are you writing??????

tell me, tellme, TELLME!!!!!!


Angie Fox said...

Ohhhhh sekrit, hm? Too bad we don't live close to each other, or I'd ply you with margaritas and get you talking about that puppy. ;)

I'm trying to think of relaxation advice, but I'm not good at taking time off myself. I vowed to take a few weeks off after turning in The Dangerous Book for Demon Slayers, but find myself already tooling around with the start of Demon Slayer book 3.

Perhaps you can try shopping, knitting, maybe teach the cat a few tricks (that should a challenge). Yodeling, juggling?

Stargazer said...

I like to sit out on my porch in the sun, reading. smiles*
Maybe go on a trip?
I am bad about taking time off too. I also plan too take vacations, but some how always end up working.

Anonymous said...

I garden, play video games... and I browse at