Thursday, October 9, 2008

Archcon Part Two

I ditto everything Angie said in her post about Archcon! It was a blast! (And (blush) thanks for the compliment, Angie!! I had a great time hanging with you, too!! And thanks for letting me work through some of my "issues" with Book 7 over the Corona's!! Your insight was a big help!!)

My fierce footwear?? You mean the boots with the stacked soles, the 4 inch stillettos, and the really, really pointy toes??? Hon, my feet still hurt!! 8) Ah, well, the things we'll do to sell books, heh?? 8)

All joking aside, as Angie said, it's great meeting fans and hanging with other authors, but there's another really cool thing about these conferences...(and I know Angie agrees with me on this one, too)'s also great having the chance to meet new writers. Angie and I both did workshops based on our experiences thus far in the magickal world of publishing. It's very rewarding to think that some of what we've learned along the way might help someone else realize their dream. At least I hope that's what happens!!

So all in all, it was a great trip! Oh, and one last thing...I saw a Klingon!!!

Take care and have a good one,

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Angie Fox said...

Coronas always seem to help with plotting issues, don't they? Too bad we can't recommend them in writers' workshops.

Lucky duck - seeing a Klingon would have been fun. I think they were all hiding from me.