Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Better late than never

This post is terribly late.

In my defense, I've done the following today:

1)Wrote over 5,000 words
2)Lunch with my family
3) Grocery shopping
4) Couple time with my husband this evening

I completely lost track of the fact that it was Wednesday, and my day to post. It just occurred to me when I checked the blog and went, oh crap. It's Wednesday! So here I am.

Amazon brought me some books today. I got an Annie Solomon (DEAD RINGER) and two books by Sandra Schwab. Now I just need to find her rare / OOP THE LILY BRAND.

In other news, I'm two chapters away from wrapping up SKIN GAME, and I've lost track of whether this book is awesome or awful. It's longer than what I usually write, and it has more points of view. I guess I'll find out when I do revisions next week. And then my beta reader will get to weigh in.

I've considered taking on one more beta reader, actually. To get two opinions before I turn a manuscript in to my editor, but it would have to be:

(a) A devoted reader of eclectic and flexible tastes
(b) Someone who is a meticulous proofreader
(c) An individual willing to commit to bumping my work to the top of their TBR
(d) Someone who would swear never to reveal any snippet of my work before the release date
(e) A person who will be okay with receiving Word or RTF files
(f) Someone who doesn't mind dark / gritty books

I realize that's a tall order, but what you guys think? Any of you meet the criteria? Tell me why you'd make a good beta reader in comments, and I might pick one of you.


Natalie Hatch said...

Ohh Ann you're opening yourself right up here... why wouldn't anyone want to read one of your books before it was published? Now sit back and be deluged with requests.

micheleleesbooklove said...

ME!! Pick ME! I'd make a great beta reader... because if I can't be honest with you and still be your friend then we shouldn't be in the first place. Because I want to see you succeed and as such I have a responsibility to tell you if I think you're off track. And because everything else fits me, like liking the dark work but also being a genre slut (I just can't commit).

Sandra Schwab said...

I hope you'll enjoy Castle and Bewitched, Ann! :)

Best wishes from rainy Germany,

Lisa Iriarte said...

Ann, I'm volunteering. I think I'd be a very good choice. I'm a grammar teacher, so I'm an excellent proofreader. You know I already love your work, but I would try not to be too biased. I don't currently have a tbr pile. My husband and I both write and are trying to get our novels published, so if you choose me, you could also have his feedback (if so desired). As teachers, we are skilled at giving constructive criticism. And I have been part of a critique circle for my own work, and the works of other writers, so I have experience in that area.

Joe Iriarte said...

Eclectic, flexible, and meticulous? That's totally me. :)

You want eclectic? I have a background in editing, teaching literature, computer programming, researching HIV for the NIH, and now teaching math.

Flexible? I can totally tie a cherry stem into a knot using only my tongue.

Er, wait--that's not how you meant it, it is?

Well, um . . . I'm double-jointed!

Meticulous? Ask me why I love Disney sometime.

And, um, I know the first twenty-odd digits of pi. In case that's something you're looking for . . . you never know . . .

Joe Iriarte said...

¡Y también hablo español!

Ann Aguirre said...

Oooh, applicants!

Thanks, Michele and Lisa.

Wow, Joe, that's an impressive list of credentials. *g* Especially Pi. I like pi(e).

lesleen said...

Please pick me!!!! Please please please.... Talk about a dream come true, besides winning the lottery!I always bump stuff when an author I love has a new book come out! I bumped a lot of stuff when I got Wanderlust in the mail!! I am one of those people that typos and such jump out at me like they are written in neon. I love your work but I don't blow sunshine up your orifices either. I read everything from mystery to nonfiction, romance to urban fantasy. And I would be so thrilled if you picked me that you would be able to hear me scream!

Jackie Ballway said...

I actually just picked up Grimspace and was very excited to see this post. I have no humor in me today (work sucks the life right out of me), but I'd still like to volunteer to be a beta reader!

The critique group I've been part of for the past two years definitely has...eclectic tastes: travelogues, Ancient Chinese coming-of-age stories, murder mysteries, fantasy, crazy vampire romance with a unicorn thrown somewhere in the mix, and one bizarre story where a priest notices vintage shoes.

They call me a grammar snob (and flying monkey, but that's a whole 'nother story), but I'm really not that bad. I'm just pickier than they are. : ) I like to focus on continuity and whether, as a reader, I'd read the book or toss it to the bottom of my TBR pile.

I know it's sick, but I love critiquing. Almost more than writing. Okay, not really, but pretty close!

sparkettawu said...

I lost the first amazing and witty comment!
Now I will just say that I would love to be a beta reader. I currently am an editor for a bunch of engineers and I know reading your writing is more fun than reading about concrete!

Rosie said...

I would love to be a beta reader, alas, with my work schedule the last thing I need is more deadlines. Good luck finding just the right person. Color me green.