Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Costume mania

Okay, so I would have posted sooner, but I was in the middle of making a fairy wand. With Halloween only three days away, our house is a costumer's dream (or nightmare, depending on how organized you like things). Right now, the gold glittery wand is drying on newspaper by the kitchen sink. We have a pair of glitter shoes on ice above the fridge (otherwise, they wouldn't make it until the big day). Oh and three shrunken heads over by the apple bowl.

I blame my father. He was an artist and loved Halloween. Store bought costumes had no place in his house. Instead, we'd decide what we wanted to be, and then we'd make it. My brother and his friends went as a rock band one year - complete with custom-made instruments created from basement odds-and-ends. I was a robot, a wizard and then a "mom" about three times in a row when I realized that dressing my dog as my "baby" and taking him around was worth double the candy.

The best costume had to be the year my mom joked and said she wanted to go out for Halloween in a canoe. My dad built a canoe for two, with built-in beer holders. How's that for romance?

So now we're carrying on the tradition in our house. My daughter is going as Tinker Bell and the rest of us are going as various characters from the Young Frankenstein movie. I can't wait. Now where's that can of glitter paint?...


Anya said...

My mom always made all my sisters and my costumes. One year I just had to be She-Ra and somehow she created the winged headpiece from felt and coat hangers. I don't have kids now, but if I do I'm sure I too will be in original costume hell/paradise (and the husband will want a costume too, I'm sure, lol). Have an awesome Halloween!

Angie Fox said...

LOL Mental note to self: don't let the kids watch He-Man. I don't think I could pull off what your mom did.

I've somewhat converted my husband into a homemade costume maker - he's helping out. Now if I could only get him on board with real Christmas trees. Every year on the way to the tree lot, he still asks, "Do you just want to run by Target and get a perfect, pre-lighted artificial one?"