Monday, October 13, 2008

Monday, the 13th!

Do I need to say more...?

I don't know about you, but my favorite holiday is just around the corner. You guessed Arbor Day? Latvian Independence Day? No, I'm talking about Halloween, of course. I love Halloween because it's the one time of year when it's really very EASY to imagine the worlds of urban fantasy writers could be... true. In fact, I always kind of feel a bit like the alien in E.T., who goes out disguised as a ghost and looks in horror and in appreciation (remember him trying to follow the "Yoda" home) at all the various costumes.

Plus, I get to show my more creative side when my son says to me, like he did this time: "I want to be a werewolf/Medusa." O-KAY. (We're working on that. I'll let you know how it goes. I'm thinking wig + dollar store rubber snakes + a shaggy tail.)

Here's a picture of the costume I made for him last year (that's me adjusting his claws. No, I'm NOT eating a banana. That's a yellow glove.):

Sometimes I think that I was meant to write urban fantasy because, even as a kid, this was my favorite of all holidays. I spent days --sometimes months -- trying to decide if I wanted to be a ghost, a skeleton, or... a VAMPIRE. (Okay, really, it was no contest. I was almost ALWAYS the vampire, except the one time I went as Captain Kirk.)

So, I have to ask: what are YOU going to be this year?


Stargazer said...
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SaturnMoonie said...

This year I'm going to be a cool, kinda sexy cat. I got these cute cat ears and matching tail at an anime convention a few months back, and I haven't had a chance to wear them. This is going to be the first year EVER that I'm not either a witch or a vampire, it's going to be weird...maybe I should put some fangs and be a vampcat ;P


Angie Fox said...

OMG, Tate - your son is so cute! And so patient. My son would be running in the other direction instead of waiting patiently for a costume adjustment. What a sweetie.

Halloween is my favorite holiday too (well, tied with Christmas). Growing up, we had all kinds of great costumes because my dad was an artist and loved the whole creative process of it all. We'd work on them for weeks.

This year, our family is talking about dressing as the cast of Young Frankenstein - I'll be Inga, my husband will be Dr. Frankenstein, my little son will be the monster. But then my daughter is breaking away from the pack and will dress as Tinker Bell. I say good for her to be different - especially on Halloween.

Natalie Hatch said...

We don't celebrate Halloween here in Australia. So no chance of getting dressed up. But I'd go in steampunk I just love the crossover Victorian/modern ways.

Angie Fox said...

Oh Natalie - you would have loved walking around at Archon, that Sci Fi/Paranormal fan con. They had a Steampunk Tea and the costumes were simply amazing. If I hadn't had a panel, I would have been in there for sure.

Kimberly B. said...

I don't know whether I will have anyplace to dress up, but if I do, I'd like to go as Pandora. I already have a Greek chiton to wear (probably with long johns underneath it!); I want to buy some of those snakes you find in peanut brittle jars and stick them in a box to carry around with me. That way if anybody opens my box, all the evils of the world will jump out at them!

Angie Fox said...

Ohhh...I like that Pandora idea - especially with your box of snakes. "Give me extra candy or I'll open the box..."