Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Today's the day to count our blessings, and boy, let me tell you I am!! Of course, the things that I'm most thankful for are my family and friends, that I've got a roof over my head, and that there's food on my table, but I gotta tell ya rating right up there in the top five-Book 7 is DONE!!!! (well sort of...I'll still need to make whatever changes my editor, Emily, feels are necessary once she reads it, but that's okay.) So hip, hip, hooray! (Note to Angie Fox...Ange, I am going to rethink my process!!!! 8))

So as promised last week, let's have a little contest. Now the obvious question would be "what are you thankful for?", but I'm sure everyone is already thinking about that. Let's do something different-here it is-"what's your favorite Thanksgiving tradition?" (And for those of you out of the US, any family tradition will do.)

Here's mine-my older three kids have extended families, so on holidays they about have to flip a coin to see which event that they'll attend. As a result, on Thanksgiving at least, it's usually just me and my youngest daughter, Sara. Our tradition is we eat (turkey and all the trimmings) then we watch movies. That might not sound too exciting, but to be honest, I love it! It gives me a chance to spend one-on-one time with her and it's totally stress free!

Now what's the prize??? Well, the three winners (names chosen at random) will win a signed copy of WITCH WAY TO MURDER, CHARMED TO DEATH, and THE TROUBLE WITH WITCHES. And all you have to do to enter is share your favorite Thanksgiving/family tradition with us!!!

That's it for now-I'll look forward to reading everyone's posts!! And again, happy Thanksgiving to everyone!!!



Angie Fox said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Am I allowed to be thankful for the fact that nobody has teased me for forgetting to post on Tuesday? This time of the year, it's hard to remember what day it is sometimes. At least that's my story!

My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is double turkey. My mom is a nurse and works today, so we have our big Fox family celebration on Saturday. But since the hubby's family celebrates today, we get turkey with all of the fixings - twice! Yum.

Marnie Colette a.k.a marniebelle said...

My favorite thanksgiving tradition is watching the Thanksgiving Day parade with my family, we then have a early lunch/dinner and we watch cheesy movies afterward and play board games.

donnas said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is going to my sisters house where we eat turkey with all the fixings then after dessert (pie of course) we go though the ads for tomorrow and watch movies, sit around and chat.

Wendy said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

My parents and I all sit down to watch a funny comedy after dinner and eat apple pie - which really, is the best pie in the world.

Lori T said...

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope everyone had a wonderful day. I have so many things to be thankful for.

My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is having dinner with all my family and then we all sit down and page through all the Black Friday ads to see what we cannot live without. Then we plan our Black Friday strategy. It fun and we do it every year.

Again, I hope that everyone had a great day.

LadyVampire2u said...

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all.
My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is probably the giving away of food. My family, all my aunt, uncles, cousins, etc, we all cook food with plenty of extra and go looking for someone to share it with. It could be the lonely guy at the toll booth or the homeless man everyone knows spends his nights on a certain park bench. Certainly we also share with neighbors. And the giving fills our hearts before we go home to finally sit down to dinner ourselves. We also have a similar tradition for Christmas so I'll be switching cookbooks and stocking up on more baking and cooking supplies for that. Happy Holidays everyone.

danetteb said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

My favorite turkey day tradition is turkey and ham left-overs. Sanwiches, Yum!

Hugs, Danette

Megan said...

Happy (belated) Thanksgiving! My favorite tradition is actually from when I was a kid. My siblings, cousins, and other younger relatives would all go out together to the movies on Thanksgiving afternoon. It got us out of the house while our parents and grandparents ran the kitchen. :) Of course, now that I'm older and one of the ones helping get dinner on the table, I don't get to sneak out to the movies, but it's still one of the things I smile about when I think about Thanksgiving.

ArkieRN said...

After we eat Thanksgiving dinner, we all gather around the table and catch up on what's going on with up. Since I have a large family, it's rare for all of us to get together except for at the holidays. So it's especially nice to just sit and visit.

charmedslayernurse said...

Happy Late turkey day everybody!!!
I'm thankful for a lot. Me and my mom start cooking the night before because I have to work on turkey day. We put the bird in @ 6am and eat around 11am-12pm. Then we watch a movie, I go to work and when I get home we eat leftovers and watch more movies. Its simple but its fun

blackroze37 said...

THAT all my family is still alive
and there is 5 generations of us women in my family

and mostly healthy, and we still love to argue and laugh

azteclady said...

My brother flies here from Mexico, watches the games on Thursday, wakes me up at an ungodly hour on Friday and drags me all over creation allllllllllll through Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Then he leaves and I spend a week resting from his visit :grin:

blackroze37 said...

we go to my fella brother house and , there is like 30 ppl there, and we eat till , im surprised some of us hasnt blown up

Shirley Damsgaard said...

Thank you all for sharing your favorite Thanksgiving traditions!!! I hope everyone had a great day and a great weekend! Personally, mine was all I'd hoped it would be...hung out with my youngest daughter, ate until I thought I'd bust, and watched movies!! Best of all, wore sweats all day!!

One thing I did notice on everyone's is all about family, isn't it?? Whether you watch parades, football, movies, plot your shopping strategy, or share with those less fortunate, it’s the best having those we love around us!!

Again thanks to all. Stop by next week and I’ll announce the winners!! Have a great week and see you all Thursday!!


blackroze37 said...

well we didnt have no blood spilled this year. but im starting to hate holidays LOL
i didnt over eat much LOL too much