Monday, November 17, 2008

In My Copious "Spare Time"

Like I don't already have enough to keep me busy, I decided to sign up for WitchSchool. It's a lot of fun so far (and I'm hoping to blog about my experiences over at my personal blog: But I could totally see this eating up a LOT of my time.

At a writing event I was at yesterday, one of the audience members asked if the panelists thought that he was taking on too much trying to learn a foreign language while also trying to write a novel. Though no one said so exactly, the implication in people's responses was: YES. To which, I have to say... uh, oh. Especially given that I'm not just trying to write one novel, but two... and now take several on-line classes.

Wish me luck.

1 comment:

Lilithas said...

I think you'll be fine. ;) And the classes will most likely give you ammunition for Garnet-writing.

While being insanely fun at the same time, of course. Consider it your writing research.