Tuesday, November 4, 2008

You might be a writer ...

This list compiled by Gina Ardio has been making the rounds with writers and it cracked me up because a lot of it is true. See if you recognize any of these:

If your partner is jealous of your computer ...you might be a writer.

If you've spent ten hours in your pajamas, drinking coffee, and consider it a productive work day ...you might be a writer.

If, in the throes of passion, you pretend to be your heroine ...you might be a writer.

If your first thought when you suffer an illness or injury is, "I have to remember what this feels like!" ...you might be a writer.

If you plot an annoying acquaintance's grisly murder ...you might be a writer.

If you're the only person in the emergency room jotting down details of the staff's activities...you might be a writer.

If you've crawled into a car's trunk to see how a dead body would fit ...you might be a writer.

If you spend over $50 at the bookstore and call it research ...you might be a writer.

This last one reminds me of the time my husband and I received one of our very first credit cards statements as a married couple. He saw the bookstore charges - $30 here, another $40 there, and solemnly informed me I'd spent almost $100 at bookstores that month. True, I told him. But if we were looking at entertainment costs, we should also look closely at the cable bill with his movie channels and the ESPN network that broadcasts 20-year-old football games. His entertainment/my entertainment. We haven't worried about it since.


Natalie Hatch said...

Owch, you won that argument. Luckily I put a stop to cable in our home years ago.

Angie Fox said...

Smart woman. I'll come downstairs and literally my husband will be watching the Colorado/Michigan game from 1983. For no reason other than it's football.

Natalie Hatch said...

My hubby is a Collingwood supporter, they are the most fanatical team in Australian Rules Football. I didn't know what it meant when I married him, now I do.. so I totally sympathise with you on the football score. It's just wrong.

SaturnMoonie said...

$100 in a month. Boy he would be upset w/ me, I spend at LEAST that in one trip...on a good day.

Angie Fox said...

Good to know! I'm going to use you as an example if it ever comes up again. "I know someone who spends $100 in one trip!" Actually, I've done that too from time to time, but he doesn't need to know that...yet.

Shirley Damsgaard said...

Ouch, ouch, double ouch!! 8) This list is great!!! Let's see how many apply???
1.I've been on the computer so much that once my kids thought about holding an intervention. (Seriously...I'm not kidding!!)
2.My favorite kind of a day!
3.We'll skip that one!
4.The names shall remain anonymous!
5.Mention murder and mayhem and I'm like a bird dog on point! Unfortunately, my friends and family don't find this a proper subject for a dinner conversation! Neither do "first dates," but that's another story! 8)
6.No, I haven't crawled in a trunk, I have a thing of about small spaces. (should never have read PREMATURE BURIAL as a kid!) But I did have my wrists duct taped together once to see if Ophelia could escape a similar situation! (FYI...depends on how you hold them. Wrists facing each other, no...crossed, yes. AND it hurts when you rip the tape off!!)
6.Guilty--my tax lady has to plow through receipts from bookstores every year. Note to Angie...cable IS research, too!!!

Again, great list, Ange, thanks for sharing!!


Shirley Damsgaard said...

Whoops, left one out..."First thought when suffering an illness or injury?" Personally, I take notes!! lol