Thursday, December 11, 2008

Ho, ho, ho????

Happy Thursday everyone!! Is anyone else feeling the Christmas jitters?? You know the ones-don't have the tree up, haven't gone Christmas shopping, and Christmas cards??? Forget about it!! I'm trying to deal with them...I really am...but it's like there's a clock ticking away inside my head. Christmas is only TWO weeks away! Throw in that THE WITCH'S GRAVE's release is two weeks and five days away (but who's counting!), and I'm feeling just a tad bit on the stressed side! (so what else is new, right??)

Okay, here's my question, other than being terribly organized, anyone care to share how they deal with this hectic time of year? What do you do to get away from the hustle and bustle? A good soak in a hot tub? A glass of wine? I'm open to any and all suggestions! 8) Any post will put your name in the hat for a signed copy of THE WITCH'S GRAVE!

Oh, two more things before I close. Stop back next week and I'll be giving away more copies. Second thing...I'm having a great time this week blogging on Amber Katze's book blog! Her bloggers are asking terrific questions and I appreciate their interest. (We're giving away copies of THE WITCH'S GRAVE on that site, too!!) So if you're so inclined stop by and check it out!

Got to run-everyone have a great weekend!!



Marnie Colette a.k.a marniebelle said...

I am always worrying about mailing things. I live on the opposite side of the country from my friends and most of my family. I panic about making sure its there in that perfect holiday time frame.

Anonymous said...

I know most people can't do this, but I take a day off when the kids are in school and just take the time to do a day of cleaning and catching up To make it go better burn holiday candles (wassil, sugar cookies,and cinnaman spice are my faviorite three) and listen to loud holiday music. I tend to stay home and do household stuff the entire day.
I found that this alone time helps me be less stressed on weekends when I have a LOT of social requrements.

SaturnMoonie said...

I'm sorta behind too, I just put the tree up yesterday, haven't even decorated it yet. Today I bought 1 present...yay me lol. I didn't even know Christmas was 2 weeks away till you mentioned it, hehe. Which also means my birthday is in 2 weeks. :D

I think you should not think about all the things you gotta do at once, but break it down to smaller things, and tackle 1 or 2 things each day. And make sure you have a time limit for each day to stress over it. Like come 8 p.m. stop thinking about it and do something else or nothing at all. :)

Angie Fox said...

I learn to say, "no" and really mean it. Like this morning, my mom wanted me to coordinate with my husband on what kind of gift she should get me for Christmas. I told her she needed to call him and do that. Doing all those little things for other people can easily overwhelm a person when there is so much else going on.

That and I spend a lot of time on the phone with friends, talking about all of the things we should be doing and laughing about our efforts to channel Martha Stewart. It's a fun way to put it all in perspective.

LadyVampire2u said...

Peronally, I have found that the number one way to survive the holidays is not to get stressed out. You have to ignore the rush, not feel driven to attend every holiday sale going on, and to more importantly set down a game plan on how you expect to get the things you have to do done. Family and friends can help and I find them to be essential in boosting my confidence, hope and sanity for the season. And for those difficult times when you dont know what to get someone for Christmas, well I shop around but I dont let myself stress out about it because my backup plan is to get a giftcard or two. Giftcards are great gifts that keep on giving even after the holidays.

Estella said...

I take a few minutes to relax and put my feet up. Gives me a bit of time to recharge, and then I am able to tackle what needs to be done.

Eshani said...

Hi Shirley,
I think that the best way to relax is definitely to take a little "me" time. My favorite way to do this is to take a book from the TBR pile, head over to our local starbucks (they have a second floor lounge area), get a cookie and coffee, and go to my happy place for a few hours. *grin*