Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Houston? Methinks we have a problem.

It's so much fun to be here with the Wicked girls. Angie and I share an editor, and Ann and I share an agent, so this feels sorta like home. Thanks for hosting me today, ladies!

This is a big day for me. My debut romantic suspense, STOLEN FURY, releases today! I've waited a long time for this moment, but I have to be honest and tell you that release day is not the only thing on my mind right now. You see, I have three kids (my Gremlins, or so I call them). They're 9, 6 and 3 (well, 4 later this month). And thanks to some unseasonably snowy weather (curse those blasted cold fronts!), their two week break has stretched into three.

Wait. Let me say that again in case you didn't catch it…THREE WEEKS. Stuck. In a house. With them.

Yes, I know those of you with gremlins of your own feel my pain. You know what it's like to be locked in a house with rambunctious boys who think Spiderman Underoos, Buzz Lighyear slippers and a Darth Vader cape constitutes a raging outfit. Toss in a preteen daughter who is in love with the phrase, "I'm bored," and I'm sure you can understand why I'm having trouble concentrating on anything…even my release.

However, amidst all the chaos and excitement, I have learned one very valuable lesson:
I have a serious problem on my hands.

You see, my husband has renamed our 3 year-old, Casanova. Not only does the littlest Gremlin strip down to his skivvies whenever the mood strikes (which is all the freakin' time), but he loves girls. Babysitters are his favorite. Cute teenagers he can drag up to his bedroom to play Power Rangers when the DH and I are on our way out for a few hours. I never thought much of it before. Honestly, I thought it was cute and that he was just being "friendly". But now I know the truth.

It sank in the other day while the DH and I were watching Into The Blue. For those of you who haven't seen the movie, it stars Paul Walker and Jessica Alba. They're both treasure hunters in the Bahamas, searching for a Spanish galleon rumored to be carrying a fortune in sunken treasure. Both Paul and Jessica wear swim attire through most of the movie. And, of course, Jessica's bikini is just a wee bit too skimpy. The movie is really very tame until the end when the suspense heats up, but I didn't realize the littlest Gremlin had sneaked into the room and was watching the opening scuba diving scenes with us. When I did, I immediately turned it off and kicked him out of the room. But lo and behold, later in the day, he brought me the movie case (which also has a picture of good ol' Jessica in her bikini on the front) and said, "Mom. I want to watch this."

Shocked, I replied, "Why?"

And he said (shoving it in my face), "Because it's a girl movie."

Well, you can guess my response. I think I sputtered (a lot) when I asked, "Why would you want to watch a girl movie?"

And his answer? "Because she's cute. And she looks good. And I really like her."

Yeah. Major problem. This was said just before he turned, grabbed a plastic sword from the floor and charged his 6 year-old brother while screaming, "Arrghghg!" at the top of his lungs. My DH, as you can well imagine, is thrilled. His boy is both a lover and a fighter. Serious hero material if ever there was one. But to me, he's still my baby.

My Casanova Baby.

One reviewer called the hero in my release, STOLEN FURY, "a modern day Hans Solo-Indiana Jones rogue". As far as comparisons go, I love that one. Rafe is definitely a rogue - a little rough around the edges, a lot sexy, a Casanova who isn't afraid to get down and dirty. My biggest worry now, though? It really has nothing to do with the release of the book, but rather…when the heck did the 3 year-old learn to read? And who on earth told him about my book?!

Anyone else have any other Casanova's in the making? I will admit, the romance author in me finds this quite amusing. The mom? Not so much.

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Lea said...


I have a 22 year old Casanova in the making. He is home from University for spring break right now and reading some educational publication about picking up women!!! lol

At 22, I don't ask.

Your book is on my list Elisabeth, I am so looking forward to reading it. It does sounds very exciting.

All the best

Elisabeth Naughton said...

Hey Leah,

Thanks for the comment. 22 yrs old, huh? Oh, boy. I'm in for the long haul, it seems.

I hope you enjoy the book!

Brandy said...

I have a six year old Casanova. Only he wins hearts with his shy smile, twinkling blue eyes and sly sense of humor. Fortunately, or unfortunately, his thirteen year old sister is immune. *G* Me? Not so much. He's my big sweetie. *G*

Kendra said...

Lea, has your son read the new book by the nine-year-old about how to talk to girls? The kid got a book contract and a movie deal!

Elisabeth, I'm all sympathy on the three week break. Our kids are still living so I guess we pass the good parent test. But the break isn't over yet...

Jess Granger said...

Hey Elisabeth,
Just wanted to say hi and congrats! I feel your pain about the cooped up kids. Mine is climbing up the walls. Literally!


Natalie Hatch said...

Oh Liz, you and me both. I have 21month old boy/girl twins, a 4yr old who is a bit of a casanova but prefers to be known as Spiderman right now and repeatedly colours his face in with permanent markers he finds lying around the house (blame the teens on that score).
It just gets better - but I'd prefer to leave the girls alone until his well into his teenage years.
I also have step daughters 12 and 14. The 12 yr old is the school darling and the boys all flock around her (and she's becoming a big flirt). The 14 yr old is going through a moody stage (she developed and well isn't happy).
It does get better eventually or so they say.
Congrats on your new release.

Angie Fox said...

Thanks for stopping by today, Elisabeth! I'm so pleased to see all the great reviews you're getting on Stolen Fury. As for the Casanova? Well, good luck! :)