Wednesday, December 3, 2008

In which I wallow in my geekery because it's chic-ery.

Gamers, unite! The following is a slightly cleaned up chat about FALLOUT 3, which was my most recent obsession. If you don't like games, you won't want to read this. Names have been changed where necessary to protect the guilty. In reading this, it's kind of a cool interview and a glimpse at what I talk about when I can't sleep at midnight and I find somebody willing to put up with my ramblings.

Warning, warning! Fallout spoilers ahoy!

Ok, so here's the story... I played Fallout obsessively for several days on my PC. Until I got mouse-hand. Ever had mouse-hand? It hurts.

Gamer-friend: i hate mouse-hand

me: It's all crampy.

i get it constantly

me: So I laid off it. And I was close to solving it. I'm in the whatchallit bunker. Trying to go see the president asshat. (also known as Eden)

Gamer-friend: heh. damn, you're super close to finishing it. like, 30 mins away

me: And they have decided instead of VIP, I'm now a KoS. My dog is gone. And I lost Charon. Sonsabitches Which pissed me off.

Gamer-friend: are you playing as eeeeevil?

me: Nope. I'm white hat all the way. I bought Charon's contract like a good girl. (Then he killed the dude and I stole all my stuff back)

heh, nice

me: I opened his safe :D But I had bad mouse-hand. (And questionable person hygiene)

oh lord

me: So I decided I had better go be a normal person.

Gamer-friend: = )

me: And I stopped playing.

Gamer-friend: well, you are super-de-close to the end. BTW, i'd love to hear your take on the main plot once you're done

Meanwhile, Andres got the game for 360. See, that's the problem. I was stuck somewhere shortly before. So I looked it up. And I wound up reading the end. In the walkthrough. So I know what happens.


me: that kind of killed my motivation to go forward.

Gamer-friend: i'm the same way. if i know what's coming, it's no fun

me: Coz my choice is to die or sacrifice Lyons? or w/e?
I'm like, blerg.
That sucks.

Gamer-friend: honestly, the ending and the plotting sucks

me: I have to admit I had loved the game and a HALF up til that point.
But just from what I read in the spoiler (not on purpose) I'm not too keen on getting to the ending.
So instead of going headfirst to the suckage... I started over on 360.
And I'm trying to be evil enough to get Jericho, but I keep getting karma for random shit. I'm running around stealing everything that isn't nailed down.

Gamer-friend: heh
just build up some levels and then kill everyone in sight

me: But I kind of got bored playing klepto.
And I just can't play a toon who will just murder random people for no reason.
Hi, nice to see you, BLAM in TEH FACE! I always end up a lightside jedi too.

i usually don't either but i must say that it was rather pleasant to go back to megaton and let Moriarty have it

me: I've never successfully played darkside.
i tried once.
But I just couldn't say the cheesy darkside dialog.
The whole, will you please help me, NO, I will crush you like a bug! angle doesn't work for me.
I need more of a reason.

Gamer-friend: yeah, it's usually pretty over-the-top

me: So while I haven't played through the Fallout endgame, I'm dreading it.

Gamer-friend: well i think the peripheral stories are way better than the main one, for sure

Because I had been so totally enamored, so dizzy in love, that I didn't want to fall face first in the crapping end. I was pretty flippin' pissed off when they killed Liam Neeson. I was like, ffs, I been chasin' this bastard for 18 levels!
Or w.e.
Now we had five mins together and he's iced?
I want him to call me sweetheart again.

Gamer-friend: yeah, seriously. that was misplayed

me: (in my world he is NOT my dad.)

Gamer-friend: heh
in my game, it was super retarded... i had Fawkes (the good mutant) who can withstand radiation, and i was like "why don't YOU go in there???"

me: :D

Gamer-friend: my ending made NO sense
and he is my dad in my world. so i'm gonna let that lie

me: I helped him and made a deal for the GECK
Or whatever
Fawkes that is.
I understand he will join me later on if I want him to.
after I escape from something or other.

Gamer-friend: yeah, he kicks all sorts of crazy ass with his chaingun

me: But then I just got majorly bummed at the idea that somebody's gotta die to end the game.
But I was kind of bummed over losing Charon too.
I build up imaginary relationships with my NPCs to entertain myself.
Like, I'm such a tool that I RELOAD if the flippin' dog dies.
Whoop, Dogmeat bit it. Gotta reload.

Gamer-friend: well, you can play through a chunk of it and just wait for the new DLC coming soon, just to avoid the end
keeping the dog alive is like, mission impossible

me: And it's not that I can't fight without him. He's my dog, k?
I can't kill him.
I've done it.

Gamer-friend: you gotta drop him off at home, and then lock him up

me: he was alive and well with me when they kidnapped me.
I didn't.
He went with me all the way.

Gamer-friend: serious?!?

me: Yeps.
If he bit it, I reloaded.

Gamer-friend: whoa, that's pretty hardcore... he gets killed in like, two shots

me: But for me it wasn't a huge issue coz I went heavy sniper . sneak.

Gamer-friend: ah

me: I'd kill em in a headshot.
blam blam blam.
He seldom got to tank.
he was there for company and to find me shit.
Go get me ammo, boy! good dog!

did he ever not come back?

me: Nope.
I wonder if positive reinforcement matter.
I was always telling him, "good dog!"
I never told him bad dog.

Gamer-friend: i was all stoked to get him and then he kept running off and getting wasted. i had to pull a loner on him and move on

me: Ahhh.
Poor Dogmeat.
I had no trouble with him, but my spec path was geared to protect him.

Gamer-friend: i felt bad, but there was only so much i could do.

me: I went small guns, sneak, sniper, lockpick, science, medicine.
Those were my highest ones.
Speech was good too.

Gamer-friend: i was small guns, repair, medicine, lockpick, speech

But I couldn't use anything else, weapons wise.
Useless with the big stuff.
And lasers.
But a headshot with an AR would explode almost anything.
Toward the end, I could one-shot a master.
Which was totally freaking awesome.
And I took high critical feats / perks as well.
(I did this to protect a fictional dog. There's something wrong with me.)

yeah, popping around a corner with a shotgun worked pretty well for me... i think i found one sniper rifle the whole game
nah, that's props-worthy
i'm gonna have to ask you about that for the games piece

me: Which was why I was SOOOO pissed off when they just stole his ass from me.
I was like, TEH FUCK, mate.
I devoted countless hours to saving that damn dog.
You stole my dog!!!

Gamer-friend: that's gotta burn

Oh, the anguish.
Of losing my crazy-eyed dog.
he was heterochromatic.
Did you notice?

no, he didn't live long enough

me: So that's kinda why I lost interest. To be perfectly honest. (Coz I lost my dog.)
I also had mouse-hand.
And questionable hygiene.
But a true gamer wouldn't have quit without a serious reason that close to the end.
The dog was just the last straw.
I said, This, this cannot stand.
And I turned it off.

i can respect that. that's pretty 'core.

me: And you know, maybe if I had some faith I would get my dog back, it would be worth fighting on.
But I don't think they're gonna give him back to me.

Gamer-friend: nah, it ain't gonna happen.

me: And I'm, like, retardedly sad about that.
Coz I really worked like a mf'er to keep that dog with me.
I speced around a dog!

And thus ends The Ballad of Dogmeat (or the secret reason I still haven't solved FALLOUT 3.)

The End.


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