Friday, December 12, 2008

Interactive Adventure! Starring Ethel the Space Pirate

Happy Friday! Today, I'd like to introduce Jess Granger, my critique partner, good friend and an all around awesome writer. She has her first book coming out from Berkley this August. It's called Beyond the Rain and of course I was honored to get the first peek. But while we're waiting for the rest of the world to see Jess's debut, she's been entertaining herself (and everyone else) with a super fun online story called The Many Adventures of Ethel The Space Pirate. It's a choose-your-own-adventure. Here's Jess to tell you more:

Hi everyone, Thank you for inviting me. It's funny how a writer's process changes over the course of trying to get and then stay published. When I started writing, I considered myself a "pantser". For those who aren't familiar with the term, it refers to writing by the seat of your pants. I didn't know where I was going, or what I was doing really, and I kinda didn't care much. The story just came out.

As I gradually learned more about writing, I found I thought ahead much more than I used to. I still considered myself a pantser. For the most part, Beyond the Rain was written off the cuff, then I met my critique partner, the fabulous Angie, and well all that changed. As in, I had to go back and change almost everything. (I love you, Angie, really.)

I officially had to turn in my pantser card just recently as I started work on the sequel to Beyond the Rain. I had not one outline, oh no. I had four.

So in a way, it is freeing to move back to my panster roots and write a serial interactive adventure story on my blog. The Many Adventures of Ethel the Space Pirate is a complete whim. Even the name was a whim. It was the first thing that came into my head when I tried to think of a fun name for a female space pirate. It completely doesn't fit, and so it fits perfectly.

You can join the dashing and sexy Ethel as she searches the galaxy for a hidden treasure and finds herself navigating the tricky waters between two sexy and dashing men. Either one could be the hero of this story. It is up to you to decide. At the end of each episode, you can vote to choose what Ethel does next. The story is in your hands, and completely out of mine. I have no idea where it is going, or what is going to happen.

It's a very freeing way to write. I hope you'll stop by and share the adventure. Who knows, you might just find yourself in the story.

Jess Granger


Estella said...

Ethel sounds like a lot of fun.

Angie Fox said...

Have you been over there? It's a riot.

Jess Granger said...

Thanks Angie, it is just a start. I'm hoping the Adventures of Ethel the Space Pirate turns into an extremely wacky ride.