Tuesday, December 16, 2008

We interrupt Angie's Facebook session to bring you this blog

I have a real problem and it's getting worse. Soon (hopefully soon) there will be treatment centers opening up across the country. But for now, I'm forced to deal with my Facebook addiction with 188 of my closest friends.

How did it happen? Only a few months ago, I was checking Facebook every few days or so. No biggie. But then I found more friends, and darn it if they're not entertaining. And surprising. Take a look at what Lauren, an old college friend, posted the other day. Talk about a blast from the past, not to mention mall hair. (I'm the one in the second row, doing the bunny ears behind the girl in the plaid hat.)

Maybe that's what's so addicting about Facebook - re-capturing moments of our lives that we forgot about. Or seeing things how other people remember them. Or is it catching up with people via updates? Are you addicted to Facebook? If so, what's your favorite part?


Natalie Hatch said...

A couple of months ago I didn't even know what facebook is, now I'm on there everyday chatting to friends and family around the world (much cheaper than a phone call). And the photos that emerge, well I have friends threatening to publish them, so now I'm spending my time trying to find old embarrassing ones of them. Apparently there's a pirate one about to hit the web.
I know the addiction Angie, I'm right there with you.

Angie Fox said...

Yes - what's up with the photos? One of my friends just posted my senior year highschool pic. E-yow. Talk about memories you'd rather, erm, forget.

Jess Granger said...

I still don't get it, Angie. I don't even know if my page works.

I'm enjoying my Myspace page though.


SaturnMoonie said...

...I just don't get it? I have a facebook (got it recently because of a friend) and I haaate it, it's so boring! You can't even make your page pretty or put music on it. Myspace is better...MUCH better :D :P

Needless to say I only check my facebook when I get a notification in my email that someone left me something. Guess I have always and will always be a myspace girl.

Angie Fox said...

Ah, good point, SaturnMoonie. I think the difference is that I stink at coming up with cool looking pages. I mean, it's really awful. Laughably. I cringe whenever I look at my MySpace page. It's black and pink and ew. I don't want to think about it anymore.

So on Facebook, I can socialize and be goofy and not look like I designed my page while drunk.