Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The year in review

In 2008, I published two books. I wrote at least three. I made the Locus bestseller list, and a number of readers have put my books on their "best of 2008" lists. I've made a number of new friends. I've learned from my mistakes.

So here are my resolutions for 2009:

1) Stay positive
2) Worry less
3) Meet all my deadlines
4) Practice random acts of kindness
5) Never forget how lucky I am
6) Continue to give my best
7) Offer understanding to someone who needs it
8) Keep raising wonderful kids
9) Remember I write because it's my great love
10) Share my favorite books with readers

Can I do it? I hope so. What are your resolutions?


azteclady said...

Ann, thank you for a lovely post.

These are important resolutions to make, as they focus on the soul rather than the physical.

I'll strive to be a better friend, a more caring daughter, a more generous person. Thank you for reminding me.

May 2009 be full of occasions for laughter, with healthy family and friends, and satisfactions on your every endeavor. :hug:

Estella said...

My goal is to lose 15 lbs in the new year.

Brandy said...

I hope to continue my "journey" to good health and fitness. I hope to not fuss about silly things as much.
I hope to have more patience with my In-Laws. *G*