Thursday, January 29, 2009

Going to the Dogs!

Ann and Angie have been talking about zombies and vampires (Can't wait to read the anthology, Ang!!), but unfortunately, I don't have much to add so I'm taking it in a totally different direction. we have any dog lovers out there?? (From vamps to dogs-talk about veering off!! 8) )

Here's why I've been thinking about dogs recently-it's an anniversary of sorts-a year ago this month I adopted Roxy. And little did I know what I was getting myself into!! She's definitely a "Marley!" She's taught herself how to open the refrigerator door (loves raw pork chops btw!); she's destroyed my glasses (I found the pieces lying out in the yard, which was a trick since I can't see two feet without them); she's eaten numerous tubes of Chap Stick; she has a fondness for underwear, dirty socks and shoes; and she's amused herself while staring out the front window by shredding the living room curtains (we won't talk about what she's done to the carpet in the hallway!).

Her habits? She's a master at "snatch and run." (However DROP IT! called out in a loud voice usually takes care of that one.) She feels it's her responsibility to check out every visitor who walks in the front door by giving them a thorough sniffing from the tops of their shoes to as high as her black, little nose will reach. She likes to hide things...disgusting things...particularly under the cushions on the couch and in my bed (Surprise!! What do we have under my pillow???) And she thinks toilet water is the elixir of the gods (luckily she hasn't figured out how to lift the lid...yet!)

Roxy hates cats, vacuum cleaners, lawn mowers, and men who happen to be carrying something in their hands, but loves kids, getting scratched behind her ears, and lying on my feet while I'm reading or watching TV. She would also rather play than eat and can catch whatever you toss at her. She can jump through a hoop, lie down, roll over, shake, and give you "high five." (As long as you have a treat in your hand, you have her undivided attention and she'll do anything to get you to part with the food!)

Her manners may leave a bit to be desired, and when she gets bored, she can sure tear stuff up, but Cesar Millan says you may not get the dog you want, but you'll wind up with the dog you need. And I guess, for me, that's Roxy. She reminds me that life can be simple if we let it and small things can make us happy. Hey, it may be four below outside, but to her, not a problem-it's great to play in fresh snow. And is there anything better than tossing around a tennis ball? She doesn't think so.
What about you? What have you learned from your pets? Or do you have any favorite pet stories? I'd love to hear them!

Have a good one!


Ann Aguirre said...

What a lovely dog!

Our dog, Daisy, (basset mix) is a serious food ninja.

zabet17 said...

I have two chihuahuas. I have had Callisto for 4 years, never had a problem with her, she doesn't bark, doesn't chew, the perfect dog, if a little timid. So last summer I thought "maybe it's time to get her a companion" and we found the best breeder in our area and got an adorable 4 month old male who we named Poseidon.
Poseidon refused to use Puppy Pads like Callie and will only "go" outside. He has shown such a disdain for the puppy pads that he also began shredding them (whether they were used or fresh - ew). I discovered quickly that he had a great love of literature, as in the most expensive hardcovers he can get this teeth into. When he started chewing the corners of our very rented walls, I started covering them in vinegar (so far thats working). He will turn one in march and I'm hoping that the puppy faze starts to fade then so that I can get back to concentrate on the fact that he has brought joy and laughter to our house, oh, and that he loves to give kisses!

Jess Granger said...

My dog Jake is the best. He's a mutt, part something black and hairy. He looks like an all-black border collie. When he was a puppy, he ate my cell phone. It wasn't that old either, and he had chewed it up so thoroughly he destroyed the sim card.

After that, he got a puppy crate. He crate trained really well, and now he's a gem of a dog. Very smart, very sweet, and a beautiful boy.


December said...

oh such a handsome woofer!! I have Naughty Little Wombat Jack. He's an American Brown Dog (so says the vet) and he likes to BARK. AT. YOU. FOR. ATTENTION! especially while you're eating, or calmly watching TV. He's very vocal and will moan and groan and sigh and grumble. But I love him.
He reminds me that life is messy, and that can be beautiful.

Shirley Damsgaard said...

Zabet17, I smiled when I read the part about your dog’s “love of literature!” One morning I awoke to find the paperback that I’d been reading in shreds on the end of my bed! (I guess Roxy got bored in the middle of the night! Unfortunately, I hadn’t finished reading it!)

And Ann for your little food ninja...I’ll pass along what our instructor at obedience school (yes, Roxy has been to school...she just didn’t like doing the homework! 8) ) said, “Your dog would lie on their the bathtub...with both paws over their head...if they thought it would get them a cheeseburger!” Lol

December, I’ve never heard of an American Brown dog, but he sounds like a real character! 8)

Jess, chewing does seem to be a problem that everyone’s had with their dog doesn’t it?? I thought you all might enjoy the following website If you get frustrated with your dog, look at these pictures, and yours won’t seem so bad!

Have a great weekend!