Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Comedy of Errors (with pictures!)

funny pictures of cats with captions This has been quite a bad funny couple of weeks for me. Generally, I'm good at taking care of my devices, but I've had more tech malfunctions in the last two weeks than I'd had in the last two years.

Case 1: I had a Palm TX, which I use(d) quite a lot for reading ebooks. I've said more than once that I adore being able to download and read whatever book I want. I favor and Mobipocket for getting a hold of the latest releases. I've long since been fed up with paying outrageous amounts in shipping. Instead, now I just do a massive shopping trip whenever I'm in the States, and fill up an empty suitcase with books. Which is fine unless I have a long stretch between trips and there are a hella lot of tasty books I can't wait to read. That's where the now defunct TX came in.

I had been carrying the thing around with me all weekend, and I was in the middle of a Karen Hawkins book. I put the thing down on the arm of the couch, went into the kitchen to pour myself a glass of H20 (that's lightly flavored water, this was apple, if that matters). Upon returning to the living room, where the whole family was gathered to watch some TV, I tucked the cup against my thigh and started pulling a blanket across my lap. It gets chilly in the evenings. Would you believe that the movement jarred my PDA just enough to send it plopping from the arm of the sofa, squarely into my water cup? The alignment of the trajectory was perfect. And it went PFFT. Because, of course, it went in charger end first. So now I have no idea what happened with that Karen Hawkins book, and I had a bunch of unread purchases on there.

I've since bought a new PDA (a Dell Axim) but I won't be picking it up until April. Well, technically, it's a pocket PC, I suppose. I'm really looking forward to having a bunch of books at my fingertips again. This whole delayed gratification thing kind of sucks.

Case 2: I use an adorable Ibook to do most of my writing during the day. I meander around the house with it, working in the bedroom, office, living room, sometimes even outside in the garden. Generally, this isn't a problem. Due to a confluence of insane events, which involved a dog and me going face-first into a wall, I dropped my beloved Ibook on the marble floor. Needless to say, this didn't do it any good. Shortly thereafter it refused to boot. I begged my husband to accompany me to the Mac doctor, a store called Todo Para Tu Mac, where we'd had it serviced once before.

Instead he gently suggested perhaps it was time for me to replace said pink and white Ibook. The horror! I responded with puppy eyes. So he took half a day last week and we went to the Mac store. It's situated in an out-of-the-way location; last time, we had to go up a flight of stairs and ring the bell. This time, that location was undergoing renovations, so we had to go around the corner, and up four flights of seriously steep stairs. (I proved my devotion!) Then we had to ring and knock and get escorted in like it was some kind of secret spy office. The woman actually remembered me, as my Ibook ranks high on the international cuteness scale. (See, I told you it was special! It really is!)

To my vast relief, they were able to fix the problem, but it involved totally wiping the hard drive and reinstalling everything. If I didn't make a habit of emailing my work to myself on a daily basis, I would've lost 3,000 words. So that dog-related disaster could've been worse. But the funny thing is, I didn't realize how much difference using a different computer could make. Andres let me borrow one of his spare laptops and the keys felt wrong. They didn't click right. Worse, it was a Spanish keyboard, which meant I had to learn to type all over again. I was never so pleased to get my Ibook back. This week has been a little better in terms of productivity, but now the cats are acting needy. (Yes, they're twins.) Yesterday they begged for attention the whole time I was trying to get my words done.

Do you guys have pets? Do they ever interfere with your work, in whatever way, or is it just me?

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Blodeuedd said...

Not any pets now, sadly, but when I lived with my parents our cats always wanted to walked on the keyboard when i tried to get some work done.

Ann Aguirre said...

I must admit, I'm kind of a cat person. Nothing relaxes me more than a purring cat in my lap.

The dog is kind of an idiot, but good-hearted.

Casey said...

Oh, I feel your pain, Ann! Had my hard drive up and die a couple months ago, and lost everything. Not writing, thank goodness! But that's because I copy everything to a thumb drive at the end of the day, and print out chapters when I finish them. I store those in my car. Yes, it's a little crazy. But why leave them here in the office? If something happens in here, I lose my computer, my thumb drive, and my printed pages. If something happens to my car and my office on the same day . . . well, then I guess I'm not going to much care about my writing!

Marnie Colette said...

I have 2 dogs and a cat. They are needed. I sit down and the cat thinks - wow a soft comfy chair for me to lay on and get some petting. The dogs just sit looking at me and then paw my legs if I don't pet them. When I take out the laptop it immediately means - whinning and barking because I am not giving them appropriate attention. Its rather comical.

Jess Granger said...

I have two cats. One was the inspiration for the alien fox character in Beyond the Rain.

We also have a super dog named Jake. He's awesome in all the ways a dog can be awesome. I should take him out and play a little fetch with him. He deserves it.


Ann Aguirre said...

OMG, Casey, is your computer okay now?

Marnie, I can sooo relate.

Aw, Jess, your dog sounds adorable. Our dog doesn't get fetch. She looks at the ball and she's like, "huh. you threw it, YOU go get it."

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

I had to move the cat to be able to write this. 'Nuff said.

As for the tech issues, I hope they're all worked out now! They are horrid things to have to deal with.

Ann Aguirre said...

*laugh at moving the cat*

Still waiting for my PDA. I had it shipped to Florida, where I'll pick it up when I come to RT.

Otherwise, I have my beloved Ibook back. *pets Pinkie*

azteclady said...

Dog, ferret, three cats...

I would have more, but my mother promised never to visit again if I got another one.

(I love my mother *sigh* more's the pity)

Vicki said...

I have two dogs and one of them thinks she should lay in my lap while I type. Thank goodness she only weighs six pounds. I had to put a chair next to my desk for the other one to lay in as she weighs twenty-one pounds.

This must be the week for weird things. My computer was fine Monday night when I finished writing and shut it off. But on Tuesday morning when I booted it up, it said I 34 virus's and 21 were critical. I didn't open anything, instead, I handed it to Science Guy and said fix it or kill it. Took him all day and most of the night, but it's fixed. Of course he had to wipe the entire thing clean as well. UGH!

SaturnMoonie said...

My cat Selene, or the heathen as I like to call her, is one big furball of a distraction. If I recline to write she lays on my chest and her furry body wont let me see the computer screen.

If I'm laying on the bed with the laptop, she lays in between my arms puts her head on top of one of my arms and places one of her paws on my hand. When I try to type she looks at me like I came outta nowhere and bothered her cat nap.

If I'm sitting on the kitchen table w/ the laptop she'll climb on top of the table and lay on the keyboard.

Thankfully she's bathing herself right now, but I'm sure once she's done she'll be a coming. But what can I say, even when we find a way around the problem, she ends up tucked under my chin and she's purring up a storm and is so soft that I end up not getting any writing done. Too busy rubbing my face against her LOL.

Michele Lee said...

I have both a cat and dog (pictures on Facebook page, if you wanna look). Both were strays. Neither are supposed to be in our bedroom, in part because of the computers and such, and in part because the husband and I are both allergic and like to have a place to sleep without breaking out/stopping up. But I'm still constantly vacuuming or picking hairs out of my keyboard.

But the most damaging thing to my laptop has been the kids. Not three months after I got my daughter was an infant and she threw up on it. Luckily I had a pretty good warranty, and they've learned how to handle it since then.