Thursday, March 19, 2009

What's Your Sign??

Okay, I'll admit it, I'm a Scorpio. Not the easiest or nicest sign of the Zodiac!! Scorpio's tend to be driven, single minded, intense, and secretive. They are fascinated with the mystical and are always looking for what lies beneath the surface. And those are some of the best qualities!! The less appealing ones?? They like to walk on the wild side and tend to push the limits in whatever they do. They also don't know the meaning of "turn the other cheek." In fact, I once read that Scorpios don't want simply justice when wronged, they want revenge and will wait until the time is right to get it.

Is that me? Well, since I write paranormal mysteries and have been interested in the subject since I was a child, I think it's safe to say that, yes, I am drawn to the mystical. What other traits do I share with my fellow Scorpios...sorry, can't tell you, I'm secretive, remember?? Lol

Anyway, the whole point of this is that I do think that knowing someone's sun sign can tell you a little bit about that person. I know in my own life there are certain signs of the Zodiac that I seem to be more compatible with than others. Aries...okay for friendships, but not any kind of a romantic relationship. Pisces? I've had a couple of people of that sign drift into my life, then back out, never to be heard from again. I get along well with Virgos (my two oldest kids are both Virgos but my two youngest are on the cusp of Cancer, so they also have strong Leo tendencies!! Which doesn't always play well with their Scorpio mom!!) Geminis are fun and I've always had Libras in my life.

How about you?? What's your sign and do you think it really describes you?

That's it for now-catch you later!!



Jess Granger said...

I'm a Sagittarius,

Of what I know of the sign, we tend to be intense in a get out there and live life, kind of way. I definitely fit the bill there. Am I a cheerleader? No. Am I usually really positive? Yes.

I'm a fire sign, burning brightly, and I know I get along well with other fires to party. Leo's in particular. My lasting friendships have been with more solid signs like Cancer and Taurus, and my hubby is an Aquarius, an air sign. I need him to survive. He ignites me.


Casey said...

I'm an Aquarius, but my moon's in Scorpio. That explains my connection to the mysterious--and to mysteries.

Lisa D said...

Hi Shirley,

Cool post!!

I'm an Aquarius with the moon in Scorpio and Gemini rising. I remember being as young as ten reading Linda Goodman's Sun Signs. I think my sign does describe my pretty well. I've always been a little offbeat, into the mystical and a rebel.

Nicole Dennis said...

Hi Lori
That's my sister... She's a full blown Scorpio and born on Halloween.

I'm the opposite as a solid, down to earth Taurus.

Lise said...

And I'm another Scorp with Gemini Moon and Pisces Ascendant. Paranormal is Scorpio's realm, not surprising that people who love this deep sexy place have Scorpio or Pluto (Scorpio's ruler) strong in their chart. We Scorpios love to know to investigate the darker parts of ourselves and others. Sex is very much a theme in our lives, life death and birth. We are so much more than the sum of our parts...