Sunday, April 5, 2009

April Fools Recap

Hey everyone,

I had a lot of fun this last week. I love April Fools Day. I have to admit, I've never been much of a prankster. It always seemed like I couldn't really pull it off. I do remember once, my younger brother and I pulled one over on my older brother.

We didn't have any landscaping in our backyard growing up, which was fun for us as kids. There wasn't anything to mess up. So my younger brother and I decided to build a "trap" for my older brother. We dug a great big pit.

In retrospect, I'm not sure how big the pit actually was, but to us, it felt like it was about four feet by six feet and at least three feet deep. It was HUGE. We were digging in clay too! That's no easy feat. Out here in Florida, digging is a piece of cake compared to that.

Anyway, we dug our pit, filled it with water, then tossed dry dirt over the top of it until it completely blended with the ground around it. Then all we had to do was annoy big brother enough to chase us. Muuuuaaah ha ha ha ha. Okay, it was a little mean, but he usually deserved it. Usually.

I did find out later that my Mom almost gave up our dog because she thought the dog was the one digging massive holes in the backyard. Oops, good thing we didn't go there. Poor dog.

Anyway, I really enjoyed April Fools Day. With the advent of the internet, I got to see all sorts of fun pranks. One of my favorites was from a friend on Facebook who announced she was going to sit in on a panel discussing the housing situation at the white house. That was cute. She actually fooled a couple of people with that one.

But by far, the most impressive April Fools Day stunt I saw was at Dear Author. They must have been planning this thing for months! I was impressed. That's some dedication to innocent trickery.

So, just because I hate missing out on things, what fun pranks were out in romance land? What trickery did you run across this year?



Angie Fox said...

So what happened to your brother when he fell in the hole?

Around here, we tend to be opportunistic tricksters. Kind of like wild coyotes - we see a weakness and we go for it. Like the time my friend Ben was called for jury duty. He really didn't want to serve because he had a vacation to Padre coming up and he just knew the trial would go over. He worried. He fretted. He gave us the perfect opportunity.

So that night, my husband Jim called Ben, impersonating the St. Louis Sheriff's office. He told Ben he had not only been chosen for jury duty, but that he was being sequestered and a squad car would be outside his house in a half hour to take him to a hotel.

Ben started to panic and Jim just went with it, telling him what to pack and urging him on. Ben is running around his bedroom with a suitcase, tossing stuff in and we're trying out best not to fall over laughing. Jim is getting outrageous too - I'm handing him notes, telling him to tell Ben to pack Saltine crackers, as those are on the allowed snack list for the jury. Ben is asking if Club Crackers are okay and we're saying, "No. Only saltines." It was great.

Finally, reluctantly, we let Ben off the hook. Luckily, he's a good friend and a good sport. And he was so glad that we weren't the sheriff.

Plus, I'm sure Ben fully intends to get us back. If we don't get him again first.

Jess Granger said...

LOL, that is a crackup.

My brother just got really muddy when he fell in the hole, and really mad as I recall, but it was worth it.

I once backed some people up in a trick when I was working as a balloon artist.

Ever hear of a snipe hunt?