Monday, April 27, 2009

I'm Done! I'm also Late!

Man, guys! I'm so sorry.

I just lifted my head from a writing frenzy, and I completely forgot it was Monday. I finished my letter of corrections for my editor for the galleys of Beyond the Rain, and finished the draft of the sequel all in one fell swoop.

I thought I should write something about the things we do to treat ourselves. My plans for tonight involve ice cream, fresh brownies, and ripe strawberries all in one bowl. Then if I'm feeling ambitious, I'll top it off with a glass of red wine in the tub with some passion fruit scented bubble bath.

Wow does that sound lovely, or what?

I don't think I indulge myself nearly enough. I balk at spending money like an elephant facing the proverbial mouse. (Elephants really are scared of mice. I saw it on Mythbusters.) My guilt at using resources for myself over my kids or our family always makes me feel like I shouldn't ever do anything for myself.

That is just wrong. Why am I on the bottom of my own barrel?

Because I'm a woman and I'm too prone to sacrifice, that's why. We sacrifice our time, our energy. It seems like so much of everything gets poured out of us, and not enough comes back in.

So how do you find the things you need to fill your inner well?

Any advice?


P.S. Congratulations, Angie on the release of The Dangerous Book for Demon Slayers.


Blodeuedd said...

I do like to indulge myself with chocolate and just down and read a book. It build me up again

Anne Elizabeth Baldwin said...


I do it the hard way. I ask my friends for help, especially virtual hugs, since most of my friends don't live on my island.

{odd smile} Oh, I understand about treats. I tend to save things I enjoy doing but don't have time for, particularly trips to browse books in bookstores and such. {Smile} Still, that comes later. {SMILE}

Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

Jess Granger said...


I'm just so relieved to have another monkey off my back, though I'm really going to miss working on this book. It was a fun one to write.

Casey said...

Congrats to both Jess and Angie. Finishing a book is always such a wonderful relief...but then seeing it on the shelves . . . ah, that's the real treat!

azteclady said...

Oh man, Jess, I sooooo get what you mean!

But it's pretty much like this: when my kidlets were, you know, actual kidlets (young) I realized that whenever time passed without my taking time to myself, I became less and less of the mother I wanted to be.

I chose to take time for myself periodically, to read or watch a tv show/movie, to indulge in some craft making, a sport. In the end, we all benefited from my keeping myself content.

(((Anne))) and (((Jess)))

Anne Elizabeth Baldwin said...

{SMILE, HUGS BACK to Jess} I can see that so easily. You've gotten rid of a monkey, just like you said... but monkeys can be fun, just as surely as they can nuisances! {BIG SMILE}

{HUGS BACK to azteclady} I think you're right. We're so much happier if we indulge ourselves once in a while. {SMILE}

Anne Elizabeth Baldwin