Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Playing catch-up

I have been back from RT a full day now.

In that time, I've finished revisions on Skin Tight, waded through 500 emails (not kidding, not even remotely), and taken an abortive field trip to the post office. I have a mysterious registered letter floating around somewhere, but in the midst of the "pandemic" the post office has misplaced my letter / parcel / whatever it is. I really hope it wasn't important because the notice says they are returning it to sender tomorrow. C'est la vie - I am not expecting anything.

It's weird because a few people are walking around in surgical masks. I feel like I ought to be breathing through my nose and indulging all of the fancy plague superstitions, which include:

*bathing in human urine (That's gross. Someone call Bear Grylls)
*wearing of excrement (Ew, no)
*placing dead animals in homes (Better hide the dog)
*use of leeches (Yuck!)
*drinking molten gold and powdered emeralds (Expensive!)

Anyway, that's how some of our childhood chants got started. Check out the origins of "Ring Around the Rosey." Depressing shit.

But actually things are not as bad as the media is making them out to be. Most of these measures are preventive, which only makes sense. I'm nervous, but not terrified.

It was interesting that they tried to talk me out of coming home from Orlando. Like hell, my kids are here. Would you let a little flu stop you from coming home to your children?


Angie Fox said...

Hmm...those preventatives - with the poop and the urine and the dead animals. Are they designed to keep someone completely alone and lonely? If so, they just might work! No one wants to get near you and so therefore, you get no germs.

Still, there has to be a better way.

Glad you're back with your family and that you made it through all 500 emails. May tomorrow be even better.

Jess Granger said...

I've been thinking about you Ann. I think we all just need to be careful, compulsively wash our hands. Try not to touch our faces, and keep our common sense.

azteclady said...


I know just what you mean--my family and I are in touch constantly; they worry about me, I about them.

Pam P said...

I was thinking about you Ann, glad you got home with family and things seem to be not so bad where you are.

Blodeuedd said...

Gross, really?! Like that could keep it away.

We haven't really noticed anything here yet, maybe if a case shows up. Well ok people have been stocking up on medicines which is stupid cos that cos cos it to mutate if all use it before