Wednesday, May 20, 2009

First, a winner...

Last week, I ran a contest for Jeri Smith-Ready's amazing second book BAD TO THE BONE. The winner is...

Send me an email at and I will make sure Jeri sends your signed copy. Congrats!

So I'm in a bit of a hiatus right now. My editor said I am going to get revision notes soon for the second Corine Solomon book, but otherwise, I have all my work done. I've been catching up on my TV, watching movies, listening to music, taking the kids to the park, reading, and playing lots of video games. I love my job, but there's nothing quite like knowing you've met all your goals and are clear to relax for a bit.

I'm very eager to get started on HELL FIRE. I'm in the unique position of getting to revise a book I wrote last year. Since then I've written three or four books, so with any luck, I've learned something. That means when I get notes from my editor, I can take what I did last year and make it totally awesome.

A second book is always a concern for an author. People scrutinize it a bit more closely; there's a reason it's known as the sophomore slump. So the author is always asking herself, how good is this book? Will it hold up to its predecessor? And sometimes people judge the second book according to the first, wrongfully so, in my opinion. I strive never to write the same book twice. So that means if people wanted a repeat of Grimspace, they are not getting that in Wanderlust. It's a different book. The same is true for Blue Diablo and Hell Fire. Good characters are never static; they grow and change in ways that make sense according to what they've been through.

That said, I'm thrilled by the chance to make HELL FIRE a second book in the series that will simply rock your socks off. I've seen a common complaint from readers that series seem to lose momentum, taper off and get weird, boring or crappy as they progress. Can you think of any series that get better as they go?

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azteclady said...

I can think of two, actually: the In Death and the Jax books :grin:

(well, there are others *wiggling eyebrows* but I'm not supposed to talk about them yet, am I? *innocence*)