Monday, May 25, 2009

To the Beach!

Hi everyone,

I'm heading off to the beach today to spend some time swimming and finding sea shells, hanging out with friends, and eating grilled things and apple pie. There's no better way to start off the summer.

I'm a little sad it will be my last summer here in Florida. It really is beautiful, and this is my last season to enjoy the butterfly garden I've worked so hard for. Right now it is glorious. I've got tiny spring Skippers zipping around chasing each other like those over animated CGI glut-fests from the newer Star Wars movies. If they had lasers, it would be awesome.

But I digress. As summer approaches, I feel more youthful, more carefree, and more playful. I want to ride roller-coasters, climb trees, go camping, you name it.

I also feel like reading all my Harry Potter books yet again, and a few other choice YAs from my collection, like Holes, and the Westing Game.

So here's to a renewed sense of innocence and wonder that only summer can bring. Enjoy your day, everyone. Maybe we all can feel a little light and hopeful once again.

I'd like to take a minute to thank all those serving in our military past and present, and their families as well. Last week, a loss came close to our family, and it was a stark reminder of the nature of service and honor. I'm still feeling the sting and fear of that loss, and want those in our military to know that we all want you safe, but we will not take your sacrifices for granted.

I recently found out about Operation Bombshell, and I thought what a fabulous thing to do for our military wives.

I wonder if the romance community couldn't somehow get involved. I think it would be awesome to encourage military wives to get their sexy back. I'm all for building troop morale the old fashioned way.

You go girls!


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sgzimmer said...

Your summer sounds like it is kicking off positively wonderfully. I am desperate for a vacation at the moment, but I have gotten a little flavor of summer by getting my garden will contribute mightily to late-summer cookouts once all the peppers and tomatoes roll in! LOL