Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Today's challenges

You know, it has already been one of those days.

The life coach type people would tell me lots of positive stuff, I have no doubt, such as I ought to look on this as a challenge, not an obstacle. Well, they have been stuck at home for several weeks with a couple of tweens who miss their friends!

The swine flu has me suddenly homeschooling my kids, which is awesome for all of us. Not. Actually, it's not my kids who are driving me nuts. It's the world.

See, there are lessons online for me to download. So I did. But my Imac won't open the pdfs. So I went upstairs to use my husband's new computer. Which has now power because the battery backup is acting up, due to the frequent power outages (which is why we have the battery backup). To get his computer working, I would have to unplug it from the battery, which is plugged into the outlet (and we have power right now! So I don't know why it's beeping). Then I'd have to find a surge protector and plug everything in. I don't know what all his plugs do. (I already found a surge protector and moved all my plugs from the battery backup. I was brave enough to do this in my office, but I don't like touching his stuff. That way if something breaks, he cannot blame me, and that computer is new. It might as well have a halo above it.) I came back downstairs to start downloading an Adobe for Mac update, hoping that will let me access the work I am supposed to be helping my kids with, as if I'm a teacher.

This morning, the only thing I have managed to accomplish was booking a reservation for a weekend getaway, and the way today is shaping up, I think we will need it!

Your turn. How's your day going? Any gripes to report? Feel free to vent.


Blodeuedd said...

I am having such a crappy day. First 45 biking through the rain, my internet connection is MIA, and dunno how. My card for the digital tv seems to be broken, and then the cord for the antenna broke so can't watch anything...

Bad day, and it seems PMS wanted to play too so I am in between biting someones head off and crying

azteclady said...

My mortgage company has called every day for two weeks... because my bank paid and then took back my April payment.

In this climate, the company which has held my mortgage for going on twelve years is suddenly paranoid that I'm gonna default.


Compared to that, pretty much all my other complaints are trivial.

Hope *your* day gets better, Ann and Dlodeuedd!

Janicu said...

Ug, my month has been hell. HELL. I won't go into it because it's too depressing. The least annoying thing on my list is the fridge dying one month after we got it fixed (for like $300), the fridge company giving us an estimate of $400 for another fix (this is taking out labor costs! the part is STYROFOAM for goodness sakes), giving up and buying a new fridge, and this new fridge doesnt fit in the space by like 1/8th of an inch. And this is the least annoying thing.