Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I have this fantasy...

Don't worry; you don't have to cover your eyes and run away. It's not that sort of fantasy.

When I was growing up, I knew a family who had moved from Alaska to Indiana, where I lived. My first thought was, for the love of God, why? No offense to Indiana. It just wasn't the home of my heart. So then, in addition, my brother in law has a brother who became a pilot and moved to Alaska. I believe he has his own charter air service. OMG, swoon. Sadly I was still in high school when he left, or I am pretty sure I would've attached myself to his leg and begged, please, sir, take me with you. I can cook!

Why? Because I always wanted to live in Alaska. Always, always, always.

Snow, the rugged lodges, fireplaces, the sparse population, close community, the strapping men, the Northern Lights... oh. I get warm inside just thinking about it, even now. Obviously I loved the show Northern Exposure. I realize that was a fantasy, and there's no magical little town with a crotchety store owner, a gruff innkeeper with a young wife, a hippie radical DJ, and a feisty, romantically-cursed girl pilot, and a cranky Yankee doctor, but y'know... I kind of always wanted to see for myself.

But I've never been. Not once.

I know it can't happen; I have ties here now. But my fantasy is this:

I live in a rustic log home with a stone fireplace. There's a snowmobile to get to town in winter. But mostly, I'm there inside in the quiet, no people outside my window. Just snow and trees and mountains, and my word, it's lovely. I'd want a town close enough for safety, but you wouldn't believe how I crave privacy. It's a little ironic that I wound up in one of the biggest cities in the world. I'd have my own generator in case the power went out, and I might even live far enough from major civilization to need satellite internet. I want to be away from crowds and developments and traffic. I want to live off the grid. I've often thought I could've functioned well, if I had married some survivalist and he'd dragged me off to the woods. Sadly, even if Andres didn't have professional and familial ties, he would respond to this idea with a resounding, "Like hell." He's not a Grizzly Adams type.

What's your favorite "it's never gonna happen" fantasy?


Moira Rogers (Donna) said...

Well, that's pretty much it. You stole my favorite "never gonna happen" fantasy, the one I mentioned to my husband just yesterday. LOL

azteclady said...

Oh, I like yours! Can I have it?

Then there's the one where I have enough means to travel Europe with my s.o. for, say... a couple of years? Just spend time soaking in old ruins, museums, forests, towns, legends, people...


Yeah, I don't think there's much chance of that one.

Anonymous said...

*unhappy sigh* Getting up, having a nice breakfast, pulling on jeans and a T-shirt then going out my back door, a few yards away, feeding my horses them saddling up for a good fun ride. I want horses so bad it hurts sometimes.

I used to work at a barn and take lessons, but as I hit my teens I started getting very frustrated with only dealing with other people's horses. Even the lessons were always, always aimed at competing or something similar. Other people's plans, not mine.

I was looking at local barn web sites just last night and it's still the same. They all seem to be about young girls or adult competitors. I just want to ride, to much out the stalls and clean tack and pick hooves.

And the only way to get that is to buy my own horse, which is too expensive, especially when you consider I live in the city, so I'd have to find someplace to keep it, and I don't even get around to doing dishes every day, do I really think if I owned a horse and it wasn't on my property I would get to care for it every day?

So at this point I've been wondering if my dreams of riding and having a horse is just a dream, or something I need to start working toward.

Ann Aguirre said...

I love reading what other people want. It's like a little mirror into who they are.

And it tells me really fascinating things.

Donna, I knew we were on the same wave length!

Az, I'd love to see Europe too. My second favorite dream is to live in a cottage on an island, like the Shetlands or the Orkneys.

That sounds lovely, Michele. You must really love horses. Do you have experience with them?

Anonymous said...

I bought my mum a jigsaw puzzle recently, well actually I bought her about a dozen of them. The woman has a jigsaw problem, and I'm just enabling it. I tried to sign her up for Jigsaw Lovers Anonymous to get her some help but I mixed up the groups and now most of her spare time is taken up saving the Earth, alongside the rest of the Justice League of America. At least she's getting out of the house, but up until now she didn't have an arch-enemy. Swings and roundabouts.

Anyway, there's a picture on this particular Gibson 1500 piece puzzle

That would be my fantasy. Log cabin, in the middle of nowhere, with no-one to bother me. With a fast internet connection, obviously.

Janicu said...

My parents took us to Alaska when I was.. sometime in my teens I think. I probably would like it now (because I could plan want *I* want to do), but then? I was SO BORED. I know, my husband thinks of Alaska like you do, and tells me to shut up about being bored, but yeah, because of that trip I think of hours and hours in a car staring at Evergreen trees. We really should go up there together so that this bad image of it is erased.

My never going to happen fantasy is flying in that plane that astronauts use to get used to weightlessness. Even though it's for 1 minute, I still want to do it. Sigh.

Ann Aguirre said...

Oooh, Anton, that sounds wonderful!

And Janicu, all car trips with parents are suckful.

Casey said...

Ann, this September, I'm planning to visit a friend who lives off the grid in New Mexico. This is not my fantasy!!! But I'll be sure to report on the adventure.

Lori Devoti said...

I think I lived your fantasy--or darn close to it in Montana. 120 year old log cabin in an old mining community with 20 year round residents. Including crazy who talked to satellite dishes and later charged into the capital in D.C and shot two guards. Oh, and there was the spring the pipes leading from our well froze and burst. Spent two months w/my husband going to the creek and breaking through the ice to haul water up to put in the back of the toilets...then there was the yearly month of never breaking zero and actually believing -30 wasn't that cold...and the snow...the porcupine who made all three of our dogs into walking pin cushions...the mountain lion...and the threat of forest fires...
But man do I miss that place!

Ann Aguirre said...

Lori, have you written a book inspired by these events? If so, I want it, now! Title?

If not... why?!