Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My trip to Dallas

I'm so sorry I didn't post yesterday. Well, technically once this goes up, it'll be dated for yesterday, because I don't want to bump Shirley down. See, I took the world's fastest trip to Dallas yesterday. I went for a reader event, where I met some lovely ladies, who really enjoyed Blue Diablo.

My flight left early, and I arrived on time just after noon at DFW. Sara Reyes of Fresh Fiction was there waiting for me. We went for a yummy lunch at Love and War in Texas, where I had the brisket, then we went on a stock signing spree, which if you know me, means I am buying ten times the number of books I sign. By the time we'd hit the third store, Sara mentioned she thought I might need a bag to put my stuff in (because I'm an impressively light packer, and I had all my stuff in one handbag). I lamented forgetting to bring an empty carry-on bag, but she ameliorated the lack by taking me to Sam Moon, which is the coolest store ever, if you like purses. And I do. Oh, mercy, I do. So I got a cute carry-on there, and then we went on to more bookstore. You should see my book porn. I spread all my books out at Sara's house on the table, and the ladies admired them. Sweet, sweet books...

Then we had a fabulous Mediterranean themed dinner with kebabs, couscous, fresh salads, hummus, and pita bread. The talk was lively, and I enjoyed myself to the Nth degree. It was much more fun than a formal interview because people just asked me their questions about the books and my plans, and who I am, over the course of the meal. The party didn't break up until well after ten, when a wonderful woman named Mindy drove me back to my hotel. I called my husband to let him know I was alive, told him I loved him, and then crashed out by 11. I was up at 4 am and getting in the shower to make the trip home.

It's now 11am here, and I'm back in Mexico City, which means I was gone less than 24 hours. Fastest trip ever! But sooooo much fun. I had thought I would post about this yesterday, and I tried all day long, but the Dell Pocket PC I had with me would let me write the post, but it wouldn't actually take the command to post the thing. Talk about frustrating!

So please forgive me for being a day late, but I'm posting retroactively, so that counts for something, right? What did you guys do with your Wednesday?


azteclady said...

Fast, efficient and--doubtless--exhausting.

Welcome home, Ann!

Summer said...

Thanks for coming Ann. It was a blast. Hopefully you'll come back :D


Sara Reyes said...

we had a great time, Ann. And whenever you need for a book fix or want to talk with some readers, we'll be here for you!

We were quite impressed with your book haul and still wonder if you'll have them all read by July 15th. I bet you would. Let us know!

Feel free to take come of the pics we have of you up at especially you with the knife. Maybe you can convince your kitchen not to mess with you any more, you look fierce.

Casey said...

Just reading about it makes me tired! Glad you had a good time.