Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Friend Indeed!

Sorry I'm late with this post!! It's been quite a week! Yes, I'm still writing reams and reams of notes on the new manuscript, and I shudder to think the number of trees that have been sacrificed as I try to wrestle this pesky plot to the ground! Author Lisa Gardner has some great tips on her website about plotting and I've been reading those. My favorite is the one where she talks about the corresponding emotional state of the writer as one moves through the process...from "this idea is brilliant" to "this plot sucks." And I got to tell you, I've hit both those points and all stages in between during the past few weeks.

So what's gotten me through these stages without me crawling under my desk and praying that it all just goes away??? Friendship! Specifically, my friend and writing buddy, Joanna Campbell Slan (PAPER, SCISSORS, DEATH and CUT, CROP & DIE)!! J has her own manuscripts to write, to say nothing of planning a move to Washington, D.C., but she's still been most generous with her time. We've been burning up the cell phone minutes like crazy as we pick apart my plot or I moan about the lack thereof! (Thank goodness she's on my "free" call list; otherwise I wouldn't be able to afford my next cell phone bill! 8))

We've talked a lot about friendships on the blog, but once again, this new process has shown me just how important it is to have friends-friends that will give it to you straight no matter what. ("Umm, Shirley, I really don't know if the reader's going to believe that one.") And for me, no matter what process I outline or not to outline...having people in my life like Joanna is essential. I couldn't do it without them.

Anyone else out there have a "go to girl" like Joanna in their life? Someone who not only gets you through the rough patches, but makes the whole trip a lot more fun??

Catch you next week!



Anonymous said...

I have a go to guy, another mystery writer I met at a Pennwriters conference many years ago. He's been a real help in talking me back to earth when I have those "OMG my book sucks!" days.

Casey said...

Oh yes, I'm lucky enough to have four of those friends! Once a year, the five of us get together for a brainstorming week. We hash out each other's ideas, talk about plot, character, career. Throughout the year, we email each other with problems, ideas, concerns. I am forever grateful to these wonderful and talented women. They don't make the trip any easier, but they sure make it more interesting and way more fun!

Joanna Campbell Slan said...

Shirley, right back at you. What would I do without you?