Monday, June 8, 2009

Time to Play

I need to play more.

I like to think I'm a pretty fun person, but every once in a while I go outside and do something that reminds me of my youth, and it simultaneously reminds me that I'm not as young as I used to be. If they could bottle "kid energy" I'd buy it.

I'd love to go outside and play football without feeling like I've been trampled by a herd of rampaging elephants later. Maybe I should stick to board games.

I'm a big fan of board games. Overall, I have a good time. I really like several games from the company Days of Wonder. Pirate's Cove is awesome. So maybe I've got a thing for pirates, but there is something infinitely entertaining about that game. Everyone reveals their secret intentions all at once, and you know what breaks loose on the high seas. That's quality entertainment right there.

But I can't stand Monopoly. Maybe money just makes me nervous, but I'm pretty sure whoever thought up that game was a sadistic you-know-what.

Here' s the thing about Monopoly. You only need to go around the board twice. By then, you know who is going to win, and who is going to lose. The rest is a nine hour lesson in misery as everything you own slowly gets stripped from you by someone who owns everything.

This is a game? It's twisted, I tell you.

There are pointless games, like tic-tac-toe, and silly games, like Simon says. Then there are very serious games like peek-a-boo.

We need more time to play. I don't care what, but it's my mission to unwind with a good game at least twice next week.

How about you? What are your favorite games?



Lisa said...

My favorite board game growing up was Empire Builder. My new favorite is Alhambra for board game and Fluxx for card game. They are great fun!

Anonymous said...

My favorite board Game is Stop Thief. I got it about 20yrs ago. And I still have it. The electronic hand held still works.I get my nieces and nephews to play and they enjoy it too.

M. K. Clarke said...

Favorite games?

Chess (makes you think and plot like mad to make sure you don't get your tail kicked in ten moves or less:))

Othello (same reasons as above)

Connect Four (not much fun with a kid who's under sex, but a hoot when they're between the ages of nine and thirteen)

And the heavy hitters:

You've Been Sentenced! That's one where a minimumof three players construct grammatically correct -- and funny! -- sentences that make grammatical sense. They're "deliberated" by the other players or "a jury of your peers." You gain points (or lose them) via keeping the sentence and arguing its merits why you should (sustained) or you know it won't wash but you argue like hell for it anyway -- and they toss it (overruled) Person with the highest points, wins.

I hear ya on Monopoly. Like the game, but hate the game's length.

Six -- This game's got 36 hexagonal pieces that you have to block your opponent from making six in a row. This is fun. Both games are great to play when you're a little bit drunk, though, for sure. :)

Blodeuedd said...

I like trivial pursuit...if it's teh same name in English.
But yup Monopoly sighs, and I do hate loosing

Melissa said...

We love Apples to Apples, Phase daughter loves Life, but I am not loving it so much, lol.
We went through a huge Scattergories phase, where we played it to death, so even though we love it we haven't played it much recently.
I haven't ever heard of the Pirates game...will have to check that one out!!

Jess Granger said...

Oh, these are great games!

I loved Connect Four as a kid, and I still love Trivial Pursuit. My mother-in-law and I make a great team, because her strong categories are my weak ones and vice versa.

Ticket to Ride is another fun Days of Wonder game, and Mystery in the Abby is cool too. It is like Clue on steroids.

I really had fun playing a game where you were an art thief in a museum, and the other players had to find you before you escaped the museum. That was exciting. I can't remember what it was called though.

And I've always been a big fan of Scrabble.

Casey said...

I'm with you, Jess, there's nothing worse than Monopoly. B-O-R-I-N-G!

Scrabble is a good one, but no one will play it with me since they claim I know "all" the words.

When we're in the mood to do some gaming around here, we play cribbage. The only card game I enjoy.

Pissenlit said...

I am REALLY not a fan of board games...with one exception. Scrabble. Oh baby, how I luuuuuuurv that game! My friends are really into Settlers of Catan right now which I'll admit is kinda okay compared to most board games. I don't mind playing it.

Kimberly B. said...

My favorite game, and also one of my favorite things to give as a gift is Apples to Apples. It's really fast-paced, and leaves me in hysterics! I also really like Balderdash, which is really the board game version of a game we used to call Dictionary, because I get to show off my imagination AND my high-falutin' vocabulary!

Jess Granger said...

I have never laughed so hard as the times my family has played Balderdash. You should have heard the definitions for "sclum."

We also play Cribbage, my hubby's family has a big tourney every other year at the family reunion. My mother and father-in-law kept the trophy for a couple of years in a row.

I've played Settlers of Catan, and I remember I enjoyed it. I like resource management games.

And the Lord of the Rings board game where everyone cooperates to try to defeat the game itself is awesome. If you like LOTR at all, it is a blast.