Friday, June 26, 2009

When I was little...

Over the past five or so years I've found myself saying this...anyone else? I feel all dirty and cliche when I do, but seriously, it is darn funny how we (humans) can find something to complain about no matter how NOT bad things are. So, when my kids whine "I'm hot." "I'm bored." "I'm...whatever." I can't help but roll my eyes and become my father.

"I'm hot." This is usually in context of getting into a car. Okay, we live in Wisconsin. Yes, it gets hot here. It has been VERY hot here this week, but people, I grew up in Southern Missouri. We had no air conditioning--not in our house or our car. And we had (in the car) vinyl seats. You remember those? You remember trying to slide across them in shorts? EEk! Lost some skin doing that. So, when my daughter moans. "It's SO hot." My sympathy level just isn't what it could be.

"I'm bored." Alright, I pulled this one on my parents as well. And I'd hear the stories of how my dad had no T.V. In fact, he remembered when electricity came to his part of the Ozarks--that's right electricity. They had a pump for water and tar paper walls too. But I digress.... My dad had the outdoors, a wagon (I know he had a wagon because I've seen the pictures.) and a few other toys, but something like T.V.? Cartoons on a weekly basis? Craziness. At the time I was pretty much like, "how sad for you." But now when my kids pull it, I stare around at their toy store worth of toys, the FIVE TVs in our house all with satellite, four DVD players, the computers and think REALLY? And yes, the stories of how I had ONE TV that was BTW black and white, showed at most TWO channels (usually grainy), which with the exception of Saturday mornings had no kids' programming and one toy box full of toys. I made mud pies and collected rocks. I also made "soup" out of daisies and watched my dad hunt moles. Now that was some fun, kids!

And I know this isn't going to stop. I'm waiting for the "I have nothing to wear." I already have my speech prepared. How my dad got out the spotlight and interrogated us for hours when we bought a pair of shoes. Did you need those shoes? $20, really? Or how I had to wear the dresses from my sister and cousin's weddings to both of my proms. Gunne Sax. Ugh. Do you remember that so sweet you could puke brand? It was so not me, but it WAS a perfectly good dress.

Oh, yeah, I'm ready...

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