Saturday, June 13, 2009


Pepper Martin has gone international!

The first book of the series, Don of the Dead, was recently published in Germany.

How about this cover?
Or the title: Tote Paten Kussen Besser, which as far as I can tell from a Babel Fish translation means Dead Godfather’s Kiss Better.

Oh yeah, that would get me to buy the book!

I don’t have an actual copy of the book yet, but I managed to find it on the German publisher’s website. Here’s the blurb (again, courtesy of Babel Fish):

Welcome in the world Pepper Martin, but are warned you: Here is nothing more, as it was. Peppers enrich father, a beauty surgeon, sits because of account fraud with the health insurance company in the prison. Its fiancé, a good-looking broker, lets Pepper fall like a hot potato, when the call of her Mr. Papa the brook down-goes. As much to their plans to become a married lady of the better society and worry only about their back hand and an even Braune.

Armed with a conclusion in history of art, which is wanted to actually never use seriously, Pepper must earn your living costs and gets themselves the most senseless of senseless job: She works as a Fremdenfuhrerin on a historical cemetery.

When Gus Scarpetti Pepper addresses there for the first time, she does not listen at all correctly. Finally the chap is already for thirty years dead. What can have to say to that already largely?
A with a wink Mysterythriller with a due shot romance for all, those already Sookie Stackhouse (temporarily dead) liked . . . in other words: Sex and the town center meets The Sixth scythe!

Let’s hope all that reads better in German than it does in English!

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Zita said...

Don't you just love BabelFish? I think I'd have to read the book just to find out if the whole thing makes as much sense!