Friday, July 3, 2009

Almost the 4th!

I was a big fan of the 4th of July growing up. It meant family barbecues and fireworks. We did our own and for the most part managed to make it through without any crazy damage. I do remember my cousin fainting when she got a spark from a sparkler in her eye. Then another year my other cousin (boy) brought a smoke bomb into the house and set it on our TV. He burned both the TV and a painted bust of I think Geronimo, but both did the house.

The 4th was also one of my friend's birthdays...Happy Birthday, Jeanine! So we had cake and such. Yeah, the 4th was a big deal at our house...or at least to me.

Now we have new traditions. Most fireworks are illegal in Madison. So, no shooting them off ourselves. But we do trot to a nearby park every year and watch the big display. It isn't the 4th I remember with lots of family and fun, but it's become important to my kids...and will be the tradition they remember. Funny how that happens.

This year we are trying for something a little more special too. We're getting out the lawn games...boccie ball, badminton and croquet. You can't miss with that! I think I'm going to pull out some of the old favorite barbecue recipes too--baked beans, corn, coleslaw...and even dessert.

How about you? What do you have planned?

p.s. On memorial day I mentioned Watergate Salad and had requests for the it is. It's a perfect 4th of July dish.

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Becky Fyfe said...

As a Californian living in the UK, I struggle to maintain some American traditions for my kids. Usually, we set off fireworks in our back garden on the 4th of July, and though it's much less of a big deal than the barbecues, parties and fireworks displays back home, it gives some semblence of tradition. Unfortunately, this year I forgot to buy fireworks back in January and none of the stores carry fireworks at this time of year.