Saturday, July 25, 2009

Forget About It!

Forgetting things lately?

According to a recent online report, we all are. I have my own theory about that. I think it’s because there’s too much to fill our heads these days. Too much information. Too much news. Too many details we never would know if the media wasn’t on a constant feeding frenzy for every little bit of chum about every story.

But that’s a blog for another day. For now, here’s a list compiled by researchers in the UK and my reactions to them. See how you stack up!

They say these are the top 25 things we forget most often:

1. Letting a cup of coffee go cold.
(Not a problem for me, I drink tea!)

2. Where you put your keys.
(Hmm...they must know my husband.)

3. What you went to the shop for.
(Not a biggee for me, I hate to shop so I don’t go unless I need something specific, then I’m in and out of there as fast as possible.)

4. Wash in the washing machine.
(Yes, guilty!)

5. Taking food out of the freezer.
(Don’t know if this means you forget to take it out or you forget you’ve taken it out.)

6. Charging your mobile phone or I-Pod.
(I hardly ever use my cell, it seldomly needs charging.)

7. Now swearing in front of the kids.
(Don’t. Never have. Besides, my kids are old enough to know plenty more bad words than I do; I often have to ask them for translations.)

8. Replacing toilet roll.
(I assume this is British for toilet paper. Who could forget??)

9. Where you parked your car.

10. Friend’s kid’s birthday.
(I guess I do forget this but that’s because it’s completely unimportant to me. My own kids’ birthdays? Yeah, those are worth remembering!)

11. Watering the plants.
(All alive and kicking.)

12. Your age.
(I remember. Believe me, I remember.)

13. Friend’s birthday.
(Good about this, but not about sending cards.)

14. Record your favorite TV show.
(Why bother? Most of the shows on TV are awful, anyway.)

15. Burning toast
(Is that possible with the way it pops up when it’s done?)

16. Write a thank you letter.
(I’m old-fashioned, and pretty good about things like this.)

17. Names of friend’s children.
(These days, it’s the names of friend’s children’s spouses I have trouble with.)

18. Buying milk.
(Nope! Need it for my tea. Never run out.)

19. Locking the car.
(My dad was a cop. Locking cars is second nature.)

20. Where you put your wallet.
(Why? There’s nothing in it anyway!)

21. Food in the oven.
(Hello! Timer!!!)

22. Buy a lottery ticket.
(Never do.)

23. Put the toilet seat down.
(Obviously, we know the researchers and their subjects were men.)

24. Take the wash in.
(From . . ?)

25. Turn off the tap.
(They’re kidding, right?)

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