Thursday, July 9, 2009

Just the Facts

Jess posted about her computer problems this week, and I feel her pain!! I hate it when my computer gets all hinky on me, especially when it comes to the Internet.

Lest you think I spend an inordinate amount of time online, let me explain. I do tons of research online. In fact only this morning as I was working on a chapter in the new book, I needed information that would pertain to my protagonist. She's suffered head trauma as part of the backstory and I needed to know: 1. Would someone who got cracked in the head with a tire iron undergo brain surgery? And if so what kind? (there's three used to relieve pressure on the brain and none of them sound like much fun!) 2. How fast does hair grow? (1 centimeter a month), and last, but not least, (and I don't have the answer to this one yet) 3. Would the surgeons shave her entire head, or just where they were going to make the incision?

Why do these things matter? It's getting the details wrong that'll screw you up every time! I can't very well describe my main character as having shoulder length hair if half her head's been shaved due to surgery! It's important to get it right.

I don't mind the's kind of fun...and I've learned many interesting things with each book. Some of them are as follows:

1. A medium and a psychic are not the same thing. (WITCH WAY TO MURDER)
2. Antifreeze is very poisonous. So are daffodil bulbs and lily of the valley. (CHARMED TO DEATH)
3. The water temperature of a lake affects the rate of a body's decomposition. (THE TROUBLE WITH WITCHES)
4. A knife wound to the femoral artery is one of the fastest ways to bleed to death. (WITCH HUNT)
5. The sum of a dead person's body parts is worth more than their whole body on the black market. (THE WITCH IS DEAD)
6. Drivers in Occupied Paris during World War II used blue cellophane on their headlights to dim them during the blackouts. (THE WITCH'S GRAVE)
7. Andrew Jackson is credited for giving "red-eye" gravy its name. (THE SEVENTH WITCH-on sale next January.)

Now the above mentioned facts don't exactly lead to scintillating dinner conversation! And the truth is...a few of my friends think it quite strange that I know these things! But hey, you never know, someday, someone might want to hear about body snatchers, or psychic talents, or poisons, and if they do, I'll be ready!! 9)

Have a great week and I'll catch you next Thursday!


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Jess Granger said...

Sounds like interesting dinner conversation to me!