Thursday, July 30, 2009

Life Imitates Art???

Well, I'm going to do something that Ophelia has done! No, it's not a spell and I'm not planning on tripping over a body any time's speed dating! In THE WITCH IS DEAD, Darci talks Ophelia into attending such an event, and although no one talked me into it, I thought I'd give it a shot. (Wait that's not quite friend, Cheryl, strongly encouraged me to give it a go, and no, she's not going with me. I'm facing this ordeal on my own!) For those of you who haven't heard about this rather interesting social's how it works. An equal number of men and women meet at an event sponsored by a dating site, then the men (I presume it's the men) move from table to table and engage those women that they think they might like to get to know better in brief conversation. (I think they have six minutes.) At the end of the event, each group turns in a list of potential dates and the organizers match them up.

Even though at the time I hadn't experienced this, I had a lot of fun writing that scene. I tried to imagine the worst that could happen to Ophelia in this situation. One guy is so into sports, it's all he talks about. Another thinks The Three Stooges are the height of hilarity and proceeds to do his "Curly" imitation complete with the "nyuck-nyuck-nyuck's". Yet another just wants to talk about his ex. Now I'm kind of wondering what's going to happen to me??? Will my experience mirror Ophelia's??? So I came up with a little list of the top five things that could go wrong (not that I'm being negative, but a girl's gotta be prepared! 9) ):

1.I will spill coffee all over myself driving to the event. (Don't laugh-I did it last weekend on my way to visit my daughter!)
2.There will be twenty women, but only three guys. (Great odds for the men, huh?? 8) )
3.Although I love to talk, I'll be so nervous, my mouth will dry up, my tongue will get all tangled up, and any coherent thought will vanish like a mist.
4.I'll develop a huge zit the week of the event that no amount of concealer will hide.
5.Last but not least...shades of junior high when you were divided up to play some one will pick me and I'll sit there the entire time just twiddling my thumbs!

Given my trepidation, why am I doing this?? (I really don't mind sitting at home on a Saturday night with my dog watching "The Dog Whisperer"!) I guess it's kind of like being a writer. When we create a story, we never know if it's going to fly. Will our agent like it? Will a publisher? How about the readers? Will they love it, or will they be disappointed? You just never know until you put yourself out there. There's always a chance of failure...but there's always the chance of success, too!!! I may not meet Mr. Right this time, but I do intend to have fun! At the very least, this experience should make a good story!

Wish me luck!!!

See you next week,

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Casey said...

Have fun, Shirley! And don't be'll do great. You're attractive, personable and successful. Any guy who finds out you're an author is going to be SO impressed!

You've got to report back and let us know how it goes. I want to hear stories.