Monday, July 6, 2009


Darn it, darn it all to heck.

I am so stinking frustrated and I hate computers.

I just spent the entire day writing a great newsletter. I wanted my newsletter to be a single announcement before each release, just reminding people that the book is coming out soon. But then I also wanted it to be a fun thing for fans of my new series and special for them.

So I typed up my little news blurb announcing the release, then I typed up the story of how I came to write the book, and the things that inspired it. After that, I did a lovely little interview with my hero, Soren. Then I included a super exclusive excerpt you can't find anywhere else, and the brand shiny new cover copy for my second book, Beyond the Shadows.

It was great. Everything looked beautiful and awesome. So I go to save it, and poof! All gone.

Arrrrgggghhhh, I could pull my hair out.

At least it isn't a book that just went up in smoke. But shame on me. I didn't have any backup for my brilliance. That would be too smart, darn it. Sheesh.

So tomorrow, I get to do the newsletter round two. And this time I'm copying everything into my files so the internet gremlins that thought this was all a funny joke can no longer thwart my attempt to give you guys cool stuff to read in your inbox.

If you guys would like to help me out, you can pose questions for my hero Soren, and I'll ask them in the interview with him. If you'd like to see if your questions made it into the newsletter, you can sign up at

Happy writing everyone,

And double check your backups. :)



Casey said...

There's not a worse feeling in the world (well, almost not a worse feeling) than losing something you've taken the time to write, especially when you're so happy with it when you're done. My writing friends laugh at me for being paranoid, but each day when I'm done writing, I save to both the hard drive and a flashdrive. When I finish a chapter, I print it out--and store it in my car. Crazy? Yes. But it sure beats trying to re-create a whole book if something nasty should happen to my computer.

Jess Granger said...

No kidding. I did get the new newsletter done, and it is awesome, but what a pain!

I deliberately keep all chapters and drafts my CP sends me just in case she ever loses anything. I'm the default backup. :)