Friday, August 7, 2009

Free Books!

Sorry, all, for checking in so late! I turned in Amazon Queen yesterday and my mother arrived for a visit, so I have been a bit distracted. As repayment I thought I'd just share some links for free books I found this week.

First, three new free books from Random House and one by my friend Jennifer Stevenson. Check it out!

The Brass Bed
Written by Jennifer Stevenson
THE CURSE: Satisfy one hundred women or be trapped in a brass bed forever Lord Randall was a lousy lover in 1811, so his magician-mistress turned him into a sex demon. Lucky for him, his bed fell into Clay's hands.

THE CON: Sex therapy for women on an antique brass "treatment bed" Clay has the perfect scam going, until that pesky, foxy fraud investigator Jewel comes sniffing around. Lucky for him, she has a soft spot for hunky con men.

THE CHOICE: Sex demon or sex fraudster? Jewel is Randy's hundredth woman. Now he says he's her personal sex slave, and her case against the con artist is dissolving in a hail of hormones. Lucky for her, she's a tough cop with a lusty libido.

Next is a young adult fantasy. Uglies, fantasy YAAnd it's a good one! Uglies by Scott Westerfeld. It's about a place where children are separated at a certain age..I think maybe 14. At that age they become "pretty" and are sent to a separate place to live. At the beginning of the book, the protagonist has just said goodbye to her best friend who has become pretty. And she is eagerly waiting for her own transformation, but as tends to happen in books (good ones anyway) things change and she learns a lot more about being "pretty" than she ever wanted to know.
Definitely a great read! Now go download it for free!


Blodeuedd said...

Cool, thanks for the heads up :D

TheGhostBlogger said...

Mary D
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This is a really interesting story idea, I've got to scope this one out :)
Ditto on the thanks for the heads up!