Monday, August 3, 2009

Getting some Perspective

Hi everyone!

I can't believe Beyond the Rain has finally hit the store shelves. I'm getting reports from friends that they're seeing it at their local bookstores. The official release is just two days away, and I'm like a little kid at Christmas.

Every time it pops up somewhere online, I feel like I just got a present. And because I'm feeling like I'm getting gifts, I'm in the mood to share the wealth. All this week on The Butterfly Blog I'm doing giveaways for free autographed copies of the book. I've also got some fun posts lined up, including interviews with some of the characters.

While that is all very exciting, the release of the book has me looking both forward and back. I have realized how much some of the very earliest things I ever wrote influenced the book. Dreadful (I mean scorch your eyeballs, dreadful) stories I wrote as a hyper-emotional and over dramatic teenager worked their way into the story. Mostly it was through themes.

But I noticed those themes have changed as my life has changed. In high school, all my "romances" ended badly. I didn't have the best luck with the fellas. (Okay, that's an understatement.) A lot of that teenage angst, fear of rejection, and sadness worked into my writing. I was compelled to write about love, but I had NO idea what love really was.

Now as an adult, a wife, and a mother, I've got a little more perspective. I'm very blessed in my life, and challenged by it at the same time. I love how some of the themes from my childhood still resonate, but the color of those themes has become warmer and richer.

I feel the honest hope of love in my life. I know it can be pure and lasting, but not what you expect it to be. I know it can take great sacrifice and lead to uncertainty. But I now take it in stride.

I wonder how my views and perspectives will change with the passage of time. I hope I can look back at myself now when I'm a feisty old granny and laugh at what I didn't know about life.

At least I know, I'll no longer cringe at my writing.

Happy Release Week, everyone!

It's an official holiday at my house.



Blodeuedd said...

Happy release week :D

Casey said...

A new book is always cause to celebrate! Congratulations, and best of luck with it!

azteclady said...

Huge congratulations, Ms Granger, and I'm looking forward, very much, to reading Beyond the Rain

Jess Granger said...

Thanks everyone!