Saturday, August 22, 2009

There and Back Again

Been all over hell’s half acre this week, including a whirlwind trip to the Washington DC/Baltimore area and a TV appearance (trying to find something to wear was not a fun experience!). But the most fun I’ve had in the last week was a visit to Columbus, Ohio for a meeting of Central Ohio Fiction Writers. We had a great crowd and a lot of fun learning how to beef up our brainstorming skills by playing with cards.

That’s right, I said cards.

Tarot cards.

Sound too woo-woo for you? Too kooky? Too spooky?

Actually, it’s none of the above.

Because they’re packed with images, symbols, colors and numbers, tarot cards are the perfect brainstorming tools. Each card packs a punch that can send your mind going in all sorts of directions. There’s nothing spooky or mysterious about it, and you don’t have to be psychic or in tune with the spirits or the Universe.

All you have to do is look at the cards and say what you see.

Each year in the winter, I attend a week-long brainstorming group meeting along with four other authors, and tarot readings have become the highlight of our evenings. We use tarot as a jumping off point, a trigger. We decide which character, plot point, conflict, etc. we want to address in our reading, lay out the cards in what tarot readers call a spread, assign a meaning to each position in the spread (i.e., the first card might stand for the character’s greatest strength, the next for her hopes and dreams, etc.), and take it from there.

We say what we see on the card and as each author puts in her two cent’s worth, the ideas grow and blossom like nobody’s business.

This, of course, is the best thing about reading tarot with writers. When I read for "regular" folks (that is, not writers!), I often have a hard time getting them to open up. I'll ask them what the images on the cards mean to them. I'll tell them what the traditional meanings of the cards are and ask if that has any significance in their lives.

And often, they sit and stare and say, "I dunno."

You know writers, rights? So you know this is never a problem for them! Communication is what we do, and writers love to jump in, offer opinions, throw out ideas and share their imaginations, no matter how wild they happen to be! As I saw at that COFW meeting, this makes the tarot experience interactive and fun.

Interested? Check out the multitude of tarot decks available on line and at bookstores and New Age shops. There are thousands, and you’ll want one that appeals to you, both artistically and intellectually. With cards in hand, you’re on your way to amazing brainstorming adventures!

(This just occurred to me . . . if there are enough people here at the Wicked blog who are interested, we might be able to do an online brainstorming with tarot workshop. Anyone game?)


Lisa D said...

I would love to do an online tarot brainstorming workshop. Sounds like a lot of fun and a great way to get the creative juices flowing!

Carol Ann said...

Casey, it was so much fun having you at COFW! I was so inspired by all the ideas that popped up in the interactive session, that I ordered two sets of Tarot cards. Can't wait to receive them. Thank you again for presenting to our group. Hope to see you around some time soon.

Carol Ann Erhardt
President, COFW

sharon228 said...

sounds like a real hoot. i think ther is a lot of fun to be had using tarot cards.

Casey said...

Glad you enjoyed the presentation, Carol Ann! What a great group of writers, so enthusiastic and willing to brainstorm outloud. I had such a good time.

azteclady said...

I'll watch.

Angie Fox said...

No kidding? That is absolutely fascinating. I would totally do that.

Casey said...

Here's what I'm thinking . . . my next few Saturday posts are going to be iffy at best. This coming Saturday, I'm going to be in Lily Dale, a Spiritualist community in upstate New York. I'll try to post before I leave, but answering comments will be difficult. The next Saturday, I'm going to be in New Mexico and way, way off the grid. No chance of even thinking about logging on out there. In fact, the two Saturdays after that are going to be tough, too, maybe not for posting, but for interacting. And I think if we're going to do this tarot workshop, we need all the interaction we can get. So I'm going to sketch out a workshop, and maybe we'll start it at the end of September. We can do a little portion of my in-person workshop every Saturday. Thanks for your patience! These next few weeks are going to be crazy!!!

Rev. Lynn said...

The comment you made was that you don't even have to be psychic to read the cards. Oh but yes you do and you are. We all have the ability and as you see, when you allow it, the imagination goes into action which comes from the 6th sense.