Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tuesday Musings

Happy Tuesday! This is a very fine day around here considering I #1 get to give away a book and #2 have happy news.

So book first, right? The winner of Beyond the Rain is Sarabelle! Yay Sarabelle! Email me at angie @angiefox. com and I'll get that prize right out to you.

On another fun note, I'm glad to announce that A Tale of Two Demon Slayers is complete and off to my editor. That is the third book in the Accidental Demon Slayer series, where Lizzie gets to go to Greece and discover all kinds of juicy secrets about Dimitri's past.

But I have to say as great as it is to finish a book that I'm really excited about, it's also kind of strange. It almost feels like graduating high school. It was tough. It was fun. You're proud of the work, yet you're not 100% ready to move on. At least that's how it is around here.

I also get on these organizational kicks after finishing a book. Maybe someone who has studied psychology can tell me why. So far this week, I've revamped the living room, organized the downstairs closets and have now started in on the kitchen cabinets. In all fairness, the kitchen is overdue. Or do spices always fall out of the baking cabinet when you open the door?

Target also had these great folders on sale for fifteen cents each. I have a dozen and am itching to color code something...anything.

So what about you? Do you end a big project, whether it be school or a work assignment, in a relaxed state of mind or do you have to jump right into the next thing?

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Casey said...

Every time I finish a book, I clean my office. By then, there are always stacks of unfiled papers on the desk, bits of leftover, burned incense, plants that should have been put out of their mistery months before, etc. It always feels good to have it sparkly clean. Then I'm ready to start working again!