Thursday, September 17, 2009

A bit of a rant

As I sit here at my trusty keyboard, trying to come up with something to write, the question is "what's been on my mind this week?" Unfortunately, the answer is not much! I've been hanging around Facebook, trying to figure out how to play "Mafia Wars," (a bit afraid to get too involved with that one...I fear I might like it a little too much! And being the master diddler that I am, do I really need something else to distract me from what I should be doing???)

In addition to the above, I've also been reading the comments listed after various news articles. And though I might agree with some of the opinions expressed and do believe with my whole heart in the freedom of speech, I still can't help thinking "what's wrong with some of these people??" There are those who go beyond just stating what they think about the situation to spewing absolute venom. And if that isn't bad enough, if someone disagrees with them, they attack that person, too. It's like watching a train wreck...part of you wants to turn away, but another part of you stays rooted to the spot in disbelief.

My question is "why"? Why do they write such nasty things? Whatever happened to "state your position clearly and calmly"? Is it the anonymity of the Internet that allows people to be as rude as they want? Are they this way outside of cyberspace? (I sure hope not! Otherwise, there's a lot of scary people out there just looking for a fight.)

So I've made a decision...I'm not reading them ever again! It's too distressing to think there's that much negativity in the world. I prefer to keep my rose-colored glasses firmly in place and see a better side of human nature than what's shown on some of these websites!

Well, I'm done for this week...I've vented my opinion now! 8) Hope you have a terrific...and of the week!

All the best,

Next week will be a short post...I'm leaving for Huntington, WV and Lora Leigh's RAW. Angie's going to be there too, so we might have some stories for you, won't we, Ange????


Angie Fox said...

Yeah, but you can't let the crazies on the internet make you think that's what most people are like. At least that's what I think, (she says, adjusting her rose colored glasses).

Looking forward to seeing you at Lora Leigh's RAW! I can't believe that's next weekend. I still need to find some fun jammies for the slumber party.

Casey said...

You're right, Shirley, and it is depressing. As for people being rude . . . recently drove from Cleveland to Ann Arbor, Michigan, and can't tell you how many people we saw driving and texting at the same time. Talk about the height of rudeness. Yeah, those fools risking my life, their lives and the lives of everyone on the road with them . . . yeah, that's rude!

Shirley Damsgaard said...

Casey, my youngest daughter is one of those "texters"!! Scares the devil out of me! I've seen her steer with her knee as her little thumbs fly over the keyboard on her cell!! Talk about dangerous!

And Angie, those crazies do make me crazy!! *g* It's disheartening to think there's that much hate going most of them can't spell!! So I guess there you go! (and that remark is coming from one of the world's worst spellers!!)