Saturday, September 19, 2009

Finally recovered enough from my trip to New Mexico to sit down at my computer. It was exhausting, exhilarating, interesting, and certainly very different from the Midwest where I’ve always lived.
Cleveland, Ohio may not be known for its weather (although this week’s been fabulous), but we are blessed with an abundance of rain. Yes, rain means soggy picnics, sweaty car windshields and that any every person in northeast Ohio has a stylish collection of plastic rain slickers. But it also means green grass, leafy trees and enough humidity to keep skin from cracking and lips from parching.
New Mexico? Not so much! Talk about culture shockI I stayed with a friend. Here's the view from her front door.

That’s Wind Mountain in the distance and if it doesn’t look very high, that’s because we were already at 8300 ft. elevation. Those short, scrubby plants are sage. Lots of sage in New Mexico. I cut some and brought it home to make smudge sticks and it’s so fragrant, it’s no wonder the TSA searched my suitcase!

New Mexico’s nickname is Land of Enchantment, and after eight days there, I could see why. We had a brief and welcome rain on Sunday afternoon, then the clouds and the light started playing tricks.
Is it any wonder that the state is border-to-border with UFO sightings and stories?
That same brief rain shower brought us another surprise. Yes, it’s faint, but take a close look at this next pic. Looks like there’s enchantment in New Mexcio after all!

Of course, that’s not all the state has to offer. When you live off the grid the way my friend does, there’s also . . .

And then, of course, those reminders of home sweet home.

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